The Wealthy Woman Warrior Book

Wealthy Woman Warrior Book8 Proven Strategies Redefining The Modern Successful Woman Leader

Women are told they can be anything, have anything and do anything. Women are told that they can have it all! Yet, the reality is that most women are making things happen, pushing through the barriers, and reaching limits that they set for themselves because they aren’t scared to work hard, to push things forward, or to take on the masculine “all boys club” with their armor and drive.

The problem with this, is the price that women are currently paying to “make it all happen”, is their happiness, energy, connection to inner fulfillment and their health.

Andrea speaks to the heartfelt transformation and what is possible for women when the armor comes off, but the power remains.

Feminine Leadership Programs

Is this you?

  • You're caught in the cycle of spinning your wheels, getting overwhelmed, still undercharging and working too hard for too little money, even though you are incredibly ambitious?
  • You recognize you need coaching to help you break this cycle
  • You want a powerful heartfelt woman leader who models what it means to value self, an amazing income, and is a mompreneur herself
  • You’re ready to step into your Wealthy Woman Warrior Leadership Role by being authentic, brilliant & connected!

If this is you, then you’ve found exactly where you want to be!

Your Success Is Our Goal

Sherri GoeringSherri GoeringCrack The Feminine Business Code

Andrea will teach you how to reveal your unique brilliance

“I decided to do Andrea’s 6 month program because I was READY to take my business and self to the next level. I knew that she would provide the structure and accountability needed to transition into MY inner brilliance. So far, the program has exceeded my expectations. I thought it would take 6 months before I would see a return on my investment and it only took 3 weeks!

By clearing some clutter and opening myself up to the opportunities flowing to me, I was able to implement my ownprogram to a small group of clients. I’m thrilled to report that my program sold out (10 clients @ $2700.00 per person) for the 22-week Transformation Program. This is by far the most successful month the history of my practice!!”

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Sue TsigarosSue TsigarosLead Your Path/Crack The Feminine Business Code

I’m thrilled with my results and the impact Andrea has on me...

Andrea has the incredible gift of helping women access their inner truth and power, through the catalytic quality of her own personal presence, as well as her empathy and expertise as a transformational coach. She has created a unique Archetypal system that offers easy access into deeper work, for those in search of the keys to their own feminine wisdom and balance. I look forward to making this tool available to my own clients for both individual and group work; it has enormous potential and is a very timely addition to the important work of increasing the degree and scope of feminine empowerment in the world today. I’m thrilled with my results and the impact Andrea has on me and my business. It’s exactly what I needed to pull me forward.”

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Delicia HaynesDelicia HaynesPrivate Coaching Client/Lead Your Path

Now I’m courageously converting my business model

“I started working with Andrea because I was tired of feeling stuck, knowing there was more for me, but not knowing how to get there. Prior to finding Andrea I was working 14 hour days 5 days a week, completely disconnected from my passions, spending my time on necessary but mundane projects outside of my natural gifts, and building my own prison rather than the business of my dreams. Working with Andrea I discovered my archetypal gifts, challenges and learned how to get (and stay) of out of my own way. Now I’m courageously converting my business model so I can practice both the art and heart of medicine, impact more people, be of greater influence, make an amazing income, pursue my passions, and spend time playing with my family.”

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Private Coaching with Andrea Carter

Private Coaching

Go beyond "just business" and “life coaching”. Break into a new level of leadership that will translate to all areas of your life. Expect to be richly supported and compassionately challenged. Andrea will masterfully coach you to experience – mind, body and soul – feminine leadership.

Andrea Carter

Public Speaking

Andrea Carter is a national speaker whose audience would describe her as “inspirational, witty, thought-provoking and transformational.” Andrea speaks to thousands of women and men each year through association and conferences, corporate workshops, strategic meetings, retreats and special events.


Corporate Training

Move your company environment beyond “just corporate”. Transform into an ecosystem of core strengths and inspired action. Andrea will masterfully train your team into “intrapreneurs” who lead with a collective vision and positive productive movements.

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