New Year’s resolutions aren’t for everyone.  Some jump headfirst, making lists, setting goals and are gangbusters to make a change.  For others, it is just a reminder of what wasn’t accomplished and more ‘to-do’s’ that lie ahead.

Whether you believe in new year’s resolutions or not, the truth is most of us have blocks. Most of us, if not all of us, yearn for more and struggle to achieve it.  We have beliefs that keep us stuck, or hold us back from our full potential. This creates ruts for us, patterns that we repeat.  We may be aware of these patterns and even justify these patterns.  Knowing them is half the battle, right?

When we refuse to learn lessons or change our behaviour we stay in the same ruts. We feel like we can never get out of them.  This puts us in a place of reaction – to people, events, emotions, and self.  We are frustrated because we don’t feel in alignment with what we want.  So, we accept this as part of who we are and then build our life around it.  We reactively accept what is handed to us rather than responding and creating what we actually want.

The good news is, we are all born with the ability to make and create change.  We have just never been taught how.  Curiosity is our most powerful tool and when used to help us better understand ourselves, everything is possible.

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5 Curiosity Hacks to Create A Positive Change In 2018

1.   Be Specific:

Having a goal to lose weight, get a new job, or be a better parent is great.  However, unless you are super specific about what that means to you it is unlikely that you will actually achieve it.  Get curious to understand specifically what you want and what it looks like to you. The more specific you are, the more successful you will be.

2.   Balance Optimism with Realism:

Big goals are important.  Smaller more attainable goals are MORE important.  It is the small wins that keep us on track to the bigger ones.  Get curious to identify, and focus on, small attainable wins to get you to your end goal. Ensure you celebrate those wins along the way.

3.   Be clear about priorities:

Life is busy and old habits get in the way.  That’s why change is so hard; it is easier not to.  Once you are clear about what you want then make it a priority.  When can you schedule time for your work out, time with your kids, meal planning – whatever it is that you want?  Schedule it into your day to make it a priority.

4.   Make YOURSELF a priority:

Women are trying to ‘do it all’ and often it is at their own expense.  There is a reason they say to put your oxygen mask on first!  Give yourself permission to make yourself a priority. Get curious to understand what that means to you. No one else is going to do it for you.  When you have a deeper understanding of yourself (values, wants, boundaries, calming strategies, emotional buttons) it is easier to live your life from a place of response rather than reaction.

5.   Self-Reflect:

Daily self-reflection is how you learn.  It is how you discover what worked and what didn’t.  This reflection allows you the space to let go of old habits and create new, better habits to help you achieve what you want.


Getting curious with yourself will help you learn from the past.  It will help you identify those ruts, habits and patterns so you can break out of them.  Most importantly, curiosity will help you focus on what you want and how you are going to achieve it this new year

Kirsten Siggins

Kirsten Siggins

Co-Founder of The Institute of Curiosity, Co-Author of The Power of Curiosity, Communication Ambassador for Wealthy Woman Warrior™

We specialize in high-quality conversations that build high-quality relationships. That means we help people STOP reacting (to people, emotions, events) and learn to start RESPONDING to engage and inspire others, especially in emotional or high stakes situations.


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