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We help Professional women reach their economic potential through training and collaboration

Who is a Wealthy Woman Warrior™? She is a woman who is not afraid to go after her dreams. She recognizes that wealth is a currency acquired through the sharing of ideas, products and services; the more people she helps the more currency is exchanged. Yet wealth does not define her – being a valued contributor is her underlying need. The Wealthy Woman Warrior™ is equipped with the business awareness necessary to succeed and thrive.  She knows she has perpetual access to the tools and the community to help her overcome obstacles, not alone, but with a tribe of believers championing her on.

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Meet Our Success Ambassadors

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Our Wealthy Woman Warrior™ Success Ambassadors are known for their expertise in key areas.
They are the trainers within our 5 pillars.
Andrea Carter
Prolific Mindset Trainer Power To Thrive™Creator
I train coaches, consultants and professionals in the prolific proprietary mindset training program, Power To Thrive™ so they can effectively create results with the niched market they are serving. Mindset precedes results, yet research shows most have not learned an effective mindset model to convert a fixed mindset into a prolific mindset. Changing your thinking takes more than just adopting a positive thought, it requires an embodiment and a visceral connection with what you want versus what you currently have. When people learn a system to embody a prolific mindset personally and professionally, economic potential can be reached. Your environment and previous experiences do not have to continue to define you. When you learn how to transform your thoughts with a structure for prolific thinking, you’ll leave the nay-sayers in the dust and success will be inevitable!
Heather Cavanagh
Prolific Mindset Ambassador Power To Thrive™ Trainer
Specialty in Corporate Over-Achieving Women I help Corporate Over-Achieving Women transform their capabilities, strengths and purpose so they can re-invent themselves and no longer feel stuck or trapped. I’m an ambassador and leader for what is possible for women who want more. I’m here as a believer in you, women over-achievers can feel valued, appreciated and reach their economic potential with a structure for prolific thinking. If you’re on the path of re-inventing yourself I’m here to help you personally and professionally through the process!
Shannon Chilvers
Prolific Mindset Ambassador Power To Thrive™ Trainer
Specialty in Anxiety, Overwhelm, and Depression I’m a prolific mindset ambassador transforming how we handle mental health issues, the soon-to-be leading cause of disability by 2020 (according to the National Institute of Health). Prolific thinking changes your experience with depression, anxiety and overwhelm because there is a structure that guides you out of fixed thinking, the very cause of feeling like there are no options. I help those who are experiencing overwhelm, anxiety and depression discover a structure to reconnect with their sense of purpose. Your thoughts are yours to choose when you have a process to rely on.
Melissa Kuan
Prolific Mindset Ambassador Power To Thrive™ Trainer
Specialty in Millennial Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs I help millennial entrepreneurial women break through the limiting beliefs of our times. Together we create specific mindset changes and action steps for thriving purpose-driven businesses. Profitable businesses built with a life that’s loved. Millennials are creative, powerful and resilient. We want impact, collaboration, support and purpose. Together we can and will reach our economic potential. I’m a stand for not having to settle and an advocate for millennial women never feeling like what we’re labeled as, is our destiny.
Julia McElgunn
Prolific Mindset Ambassador – In Training Power To Thrive™ Trainee
Specialty in Corporate Advancement As a geologist who has thrived in a male dominated industry, I believe advancement doesn’t lie in the hands of the corporation but in the ability to become a corporate advancement entrepreneur. If you’ve been in corporate long enough, most professionals get to a point where they feel stuck, undervalued and lost as to where they can be more utilized. Instead of waiting for the corporation to provide direction, using Power To Thrive’s structure I show you how to think and act prolifically so you navigate your advancement and create opportunities where they didn’t exist before.

Financial Literacy Empowerment Ambassadors

Jake Hassel-Gren
MBA, CTDP (candidate) Financial Literacy Empowerment Advisor
Specialty in Financial Services, Professional Development Programs, Training Events, and Facilitation It’s clear that many Canadian women entrepreneurs are brilliant, on the rise and have much to offer where research shows we need a change is in their ability to create a substantial ROI within their business. After years of developing forensic money management tools for the top banks in Canada, it was clear that Canadian women entrepreneurs needed more. As a Financial Literacy Empowerment Ambassador, I took my knowledge and created specific financial literacy empowerment programs to help Canadian women entrepreneurs obtain exceptional returns with personal and professional development.
Jackie Porter
CFP Financial Literacy Empowerment Ambassador
Specialty with Single Women By Choice Or Chance If you are over 45, single by choice or chance, living in Canada today and are examining the options for your future, I can help you. The path you take depends on your preparedness from where you will live to how best to cope with aging parents and how you will address your own financial future. As a Financial LIteracy Empowerment Ambassador, my book and empowerment programs will help assist you in designing a life plan that encompasses not only financial goals but also your other life priorities- such as career, relationship and other personal goals. Together we can help you find your own path to a happy, healthy, and financially stable longer life.

Communication & Leadership Enhancement Ambassadors

Kathy Taberner
MA in Leadership, PCC, ICF Member, CoFounder of the Institute of Curiosity Communication Enhancement Ambassador
Specializing in Creating Real Conversations That Create Collaboration, Innovation & Understanding I help the feminine leadership of an organization work with its constituents to build a culture of understanding, collaboration and respect, one that is aware of employees’ needs as human beings so the organization can thrive as a productive, sustainable enterprise. I specifically help women focus on advancing their leadership skills by showing them how to create curious communication. You’ll learn how to create engagement, accountability and an increase in productivity driven by conversations that create collaboration, innovation and understanding.
Kirsten Taberner Siggins
PCC, ICF Member, CoFounder of the Institute of Curiosity Communication Enhancement Ambassador
Specializing in Creating Real Conversations That Create Collaboration, Innovation & Understanding I help working mothers be effective leaders in corporate cultures and rockstar communicators with their children creating a new culture of Canadian working women. With societal demands, women are struggling to lead both in the boardroom and in their homes, often experiencing struggle in both areas of life. You’ll learn how to create engagement, accountability and an increase in connection both in the boardroom and at home, all driven by conversations that create collaboration, innovation and understanding.
Linda Hurkot
MSLP, RSLP, SLP(C) Communication Enhancement Ambassador for PWS
Specializing in Women Who Stutter I help professional women who stutter integrate speech into a natural way of communicating with a proprietary program called, The Easy Speaking for Stutterers’ program. You cannot separate a part from a whole, speaking is the same. To speak easily and communicate naturally, you’ll discover how to focus on connection rather than getting the word ‘right’, you’ll learn how to navigate through a conversation with specific tools and techniques that will put your mind at ease and allow you to really thrive. My focus is to help Canadian women who stutter rise up and reach for the professional careers of their dreams – because you can!

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