Meet Andrea Carter, CEO & Founder

Known globally, loved locally

Andrea Carter

CEO & Founder

Creator of the Grow Your Business Online Training Program

Creator of the Content Magnetizer Method

Creator of Primary Mindset Programs:
The Prolific Mindset Blueprint,
The Power To Thrive™ 

The Wealthy Woman Warrior™ Mindset For Coporate Women  

Speaker | Author | Award Winning Trainer

Want To Know More About Andrea Carter …

I help women who want to advance their career or grow their business create an amazing legacy without buring out.

If you are trying to be valued for your skills and talent, realize your potential in the workforce, and be seen as leader in your field then I’m here to help.

Some of my accomplishments include:

* B.A. Hons Psych,
* Mastery Business Coaching
* Certified Master Business Coach with IAWCB
* Digital Marketing Certification
* Digital Strategy Certification
* Copywriting Certification
* NLP Certification
* Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Courses
* Jungian Psychology & Mindset Visualization Specialty

Awards, Titles, and Designations:
* TedX Trinity Bellwoods Women Talk – Collaboration as a Pivot To Parity
* Workplace Research Initiative – A Critical Factor To Close The Performance & Pay Gap With An Actionable, Scalable Solution White Paper
* 350 Woman Case Study – What Is Really Happening Underneath That Suit & Smile While You’re Avidly Trying To Grow Professionally

Other Info:
* Have grown 2 successful businesses
* Featured on NBC, CBC, CHCH News, Finance Is Personal and other media outlets
* Nominated For Entrepreneur of The Year – Women Of Influence in 2019 & 2016
* Nominate For Entrepreneur Of The Year – Distinctive Women in 2018
* Married my University sweetheart and we still hold hands when we walk (22 years and going strong!)
* A parent of 2 double gifted children
* Mindset Training with Calgary Stampeder football players in 2000-2001
* Have spoken on over 1000 stages
* Cervical Cancer Survivor at age 18, With 2 Natural Miracle Children

When you want to create an amazing legacy, turn to an expert who understands business strategy, the motivation behind the buying cycle and how to help women reach their professional potential without the burnout.

I’m certain you will be valued for your skills and talent, realize your potential in the workforce, and be seen as leader in your field!

So let’s talk!

***Please note – our website is changing!  We have a lot of incredible women we’ve worked with that we’ll be featuring on this site!  You’ll want to return soon to find out more about the difference these women are making locally and globally!***

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