Are you in a rut?  Does change seem impossible to you?

You can change the dance that is your life.  You can climb out of the rut and into the life you want.  We have all been there. How miserable does one need to become before they are prepared to take that leap and explore so they can get out of their rut and live the life they want.

You can create that opportunity for a fresh start, one where you can focus on at least one change in your life.  You can commit to one ‘do differently’ at work. Now is the time to get started, to climb out of your rut and have that new beginning.

Here are 8 tips that will help you climb out of the rut, disrupt your life so you can move towards the life you want.

1. Be clear on your vision:

Knowing what you want, the life you want to live, is the fundamental piece in disrupting your current life to move towards the one you desire.  We all know what we don’t want. Now it is time to determine what you do want in your life.

Make a collage, journal or create an image that represents success to you.  Keep it visible as a reminder of what you want to achieve.

2. Get curious.  

When we are curious we shift from judging, blaming and shaming to being open to new ideas, different perspectives.  This approach will help us stay open to the change we want to create in our own lives.

3. Start small.  

Break out of your routine, your dance and do just one small thing differently.  Take your lunch to work if you usually go out or visa versa. Change the time you have coffee.  Change the frequency of reading emails. Anything. You can determine what you can do differently to shake things up just a little.

4. Set intentions.

Setting intentions around how you want to show up, the dance you want to live.  This helps you respond in a way that works to support your desired change. Without intention, you will stay in a reacting space, which will only keep you stuck in your rut.

5. Reframe.

When one reframes they look at an idea, a perspective differently.  You can shift from seeing everything from your rut, typically judging yourself in ways that set you up for failure.  Instead reframe those thoughts into ideas that are positive, that support you in holding your vision for change.

6. Seek feedback.

Connect with your colleagues, those who are your fans and those who are not to provide you with specific feedback. They can share with you their perspective on how you are showing up, how you are living the change you want.  Let’s say you want to be more open in meetings, asking more open questions. You can ask someone who is going to attend the meeting to observe how many times you contribute with open questions. What are the responses you ignite in others?  We can learn so much from others about how others see us, how we respond or react. Seek out others and find out. This will provide you with great learning as you move forward towards achieving what you want.

7. Be Kind.

Change does not come in predictable easy ways.  It is hard and there are times when we slip. Give yourself permission to make mistakes along the way AND get back at it.  You can do this. You can create the change you want in your life.

8. Celebrate success.

Don’t wait for the big completed success.  Celebrate the small successes along the way, those baby steps needed to escape your rut.  Climb out of your rut and into the life you want.


Kathy Taberner

Kathy Taberner

Co-Founder of The Institute Of Curiosity

Kathy Taberner is a retired occupational therapist, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with a MA in leadership and training.  With her daughter, she is a co-founder of the Institute of Curiosity and co-author of the ‘Power of Curiosity’. She is committed to supporting women to strive to become the dynamic and successful leaders they want to be.  Her research project for her Masters explored the leadership styles and emotional intelligence of senior female leaders in BC.

She and her husband of many years, share their time between the Okanagan and Vancouver.

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