Attracting & Developing Female Talent In Male Dominated Industries

The Challenge

While you’re aware gender diversity is a gateway to sustainable growth and investment, your strategy to attain it is unclear and unproven. 

With a growing need to ensure that you’re ESG compliant, you’re motivated to get started but want to ensure your strategy will support your reputation, not damage it.

Pushback and buy-in are still issues and you may not have the right people in leadership to influence a smooth transition.

The Solution

Gender diversity is more than hiring and promoting women. It’s developing teams, leadership and boards who aren’t susceptible to group think.

If you’re only considering current performance or talent – which can lead to overhiring, underhiring or, worse yet, hiring the wrong people – your company will never reach full potential. 

The good news; we’ve got tools and training, as well as learning and development to help you.

Hiring Women & Supporting  Development Boosts Growth 

Increasing Environmental, Social & Governance

If someone measured your company today, are you on track to be seen as a sustainable investment with measurable growth indexes? In today’s ever-changing and dynamic markets, how women think differently will enhance your ability to adapt with unprecedented speed.

Reduce Group Think & 'Yes' People

When you’re in meetings how much conflict or questioning is happening? Honesty, transparency and healthy debate is essential. Getting to a place where people feel comfortable voicing ideas that challenge strategy or direction is imperative to your growth.

Create A Robust Organization

Have you hired a team you know you’ll want to be working with in six months time or longer? Your organization’s growth depends on collaborative efforts and intradepartmental trust.

  • Engagement 80% 80%
  • Group Think 33% 33%
  • Female Talent Retention & Development 75% 75%
  • Buy In 79% 79%

The Results Were Amazing

We’ve done the research and it boils down to understanding the differences and benefits between how men and women think. 

Once corporations understood how influence, motivate and support the differences, they could celebrate the viewpoints. 

Understanding how to influence mindset and behavioural patterning, reduces conflict and stagnation.

We've Rethought Everything

Corporate Engagement

Sustainable Growth

High Performance Culture

Communication & Honest Debate

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