Are you wondering how to become an influencer and position yourself for advancement?  If so, it’s time you go beyond optimizing Q4 results and understand what motivates people to take action and put your name forward.

Without fail, September brings changes. Knowing how to position yourself during these changes allows you to be valued and recognized.  It also helps your leadership team see you as a go-to contributor and identifies you as someone to consider for advancement. 

Behavioural psychology is a gateway for influence, it’s used in all marketing strategies to get customers to buy because it works.  The same is true for positioning yourself for advancement. What motivates another person to take action and back you to advance is similar to getting a customer to buy from you. Their mindset is motivated by your actions and behaviour. 

The problem is that most organizations and individuals get behavioural psychology wrong.

While leaders need to be looking at how to motivate their team for optimal performance, members of teams need to be looking to their leadership for positioning power.

This fall take these steps so that no matter what changes are in the works at your company, you’re positioned for influence and advancement.


Step #1 – Get Clear on your team’s vision statement then put it above your personal opinion

This is a game changer.  One of the most effective ways to be noticed is to put the vision above your own personal opinion.  

We all have personal opinions and while voicing yours contributes to diverse information that is instrumental for making great decisions, yours isn’t always going to be the one that wins.  That doesn’t mean it’s not valued, it means there was reasoning for going another route. If you remove personalization from outcomes and keep the vision of the team as your highest priority, you’ll always take action that’s aligned with the results your team is seeking to achieve.  That’s what gets you noticed. Being able to voice information and contribute, but not personalize it as a negative, when your contribution isn’t used or chosen.

Step #2 – Create consistency in your contributions with aspects that matter

The saying goes, how we do one thing is how we do everything.  If you want to up your influence and position yourself for advancement one of the easiest ways to do it is to contribute consistently with aspects that matter.  

Last fall I ran and wrote a mindset workplace study that assessed the differences between how men and women behave and perform. One major finding was that men and women have different views on what they contribute and their consistency with their contributions.  While women focus on the time they consistently contribute, men focus on creating consistency to reach the specific goal.  

Because most leadership teams are predominantly male, ask questions to understand what goals matter most to them and stop trying to guess.  Then consistently contribute what they’re needing and wanting. This will also help you focus twenty percent of your effort on what matters most, leading to eighty percent of your results while showcasing your efforts as someone who delivers.  It’s a concept that will inevitably reduce burnout and it simply starts with understanding what matters most.


Step #3 – Create a connection between your personal ‘why’ and the company ‘why’

Connection is what creates influence.  At the heart of every company is a personal connection to the motivational ‘why’.  As a high performer, who is seeking advancement and recognition, you need to create a personal why that aligns with your company why.

For example, if you work for a financial institution looking to corner the female market, you have to also want to help solve the gender gap.  Without a personal connection you’re merely going through the motions of what is needed, but you’ll never show up with influential contributions.  When you have a personal ‘why’ that connects to the company ‘why’, you will want to leap out of bed in the morning and contribute. While a lot of people assume that a company’s ‘why’ is always profit, most don’t understand that behind those profits are personal commitments to making a difference.  People are motivated by things that matter to them.  


When you create a connection between your personal why and the company why, you’ll take action steps and do things that will make a difference.  Without a personal connection, you’ll always be on the outside of influence.

Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

CEO & Founder of Wealthy Woman Warrior™

Andrea created her proprietary mindset training, Power To Thrive™ over 15 years ago. She now infuses it with business development and professional development training so women can reach their goals quickly and easily without burning out.

Andrea Carter is on a mission to empower 1 million women to ignite their professional potential by 2025.  She believes that through training, collaboration and proven habits all women can succeed.

Check out her TedX Talk on the Pivot To Gender Parity Today!

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