What is A Mindset? 3 Ways Understanding Mindset Will Skyrocket Your Career.

Mindset is a combination of the words, thoughts and beliefs you think in the privacy of your own mind on a daily basis. The reason mindset is so important is that it shapes your choices, and your choices create your actions and results. When you think about mindset...

Financial Advice For Women: 5 Steps To Reset & Manage Your Money In The Fall

I spent some time looking at some of the most recent studies on financial advice for women, specifically what is being said about financial literacy this week and I was thrilled with the information. They showed that far more women understand what they need to do to...

How to create more fun AND feel like you have more time in your life

Do you wish you had more fun in your life?  AND feel like you have more time? This was the challenge that I was presented with.   After a quick poll asking people what they wanted more of in their life, the 2 most common answers were: 1. TIME and 2. FUN.  When I dug...

How To Start a Reflective Process to Get Real Results

A reflective process is a critical skill. It has huge benefits in increasing self-awareness, which is a key component of self-improvement and leadership development.  And one of the greatest challenges in life right now is stress and burnout.   The World Health...

Money Guilt – The Top Reasons Families Spend Too Much On Children’s Activities

Kid’s + Activities + Money + Guilt = ? How much is too much to spend on your children’s activities?   Well, in order to figure out that number, you first need to understand the 4.5 layers of money guilt that are wrapped around that decision.   It Isn’t Just about the...

How To Engage Your Mindset Over the Summer So You Have Fun, Get the Rest You Need AND Soar To Success In The Fall

It seems funny to be talking about the fall right now as we’re only in the second week of summer, but the relevance is extremely important for professional women who want to thrive. In fact, over the years I’ve tracked a noticeable difference with the professional...

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