30 Ways To Be Inspired – Part III

Inspiration is a process, which means that anyone can get to that desired mindset.  How empowering.  So now, what activities can you try to get you on that path of being mentally stimulated? Today I present a list.   Inspiration in Nature Go for a walk in nature, and...

Self-Love, Business Love & Legacy Love – 3 Keys To Reaching Your Economic Potential

You might be asking, how does self-love, business love and legacy love fit together and what do they even mean?  While the connection may not be apparent to all, there is a deep-seated correlation woven into women reaching their economic potential. Most women are...

When a relationship gets challenging – Whom do you trust?

The other day I was part of a group having a conversation.  We were sitting around a table enjoying a break in our day over a cup of coffee.  One of the participants made a couple of comments that most people found humorous and then all of a sudden one person jumped...

The Importance of Learning About People Who Stutter

The only way to accept and be comfortable with a concept, like stuttering, is to understand it. Many fluent people have likely heard of “stuttering” but don’t understand what it is.  They could have inaccurate facts, as well. The condition of stuttering, though rare...

Dealing With Emotions: 4 Steps To Staying Connected In Emotional Situations

Do you feel the need to fix and solve problems for others?  Especially when they are emotional? I worked with someone recently who deals with a lot of anxiety.  This person found herself in an emotional situation.  Someone said something to her that hurt her feelings...

The 5 W’s of Inspiration

To be inspired is to be alive. It transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities. It is a springboard for creativity and motivation. Inspiration also facilitates progress towards your goals. But how exactly does inspiration work?  And why is it so good for me....

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