Putting the Pieces For Natural Speech Together – With Confidence

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you would do anything to get it?

Then, have you thought that maybe what you wanted could never be?

What if you discovered that you already have many of the pieces that you need for what you want? But the pieces are disconnected and not working together in harmony.  Or you need a deeper understanding of how those pieces work together.  If you’re a woman who stutters, you know exactly what I’m speaking of.

So let’s look at stuttering from the perspective of your natural speech production system by exploring the vast components of fluency.  As we do, think to yourself, can I do all of these at once? 


You may define focus as the ability to concentrate or pay attention to the task or activity that you want to develop.  Perhaps it is something that intrigues you, something that will help you.

As a Woman Who Stutters, you know that you are able to do that, especially when you are thinking and speech isn’t required. Focusing occupies all of your attention, leaving you to explore the ideas that arise. You don’t need to turn those thoughts into words.  You may simply peruse them as they cross your mind…in the form of pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes or scents. 



Think of times when your thoughts are abundant, coming into your mind even faster than you can attend to them.  This may be in the morning, when you first wake up or in the evening as you’re drifting off to sleep. You know that you have lots of thoughts.  With each connection and experience, you’ll have new thoughts and those combined with your current knowledge lead to new perspectives, ideas, concepts and then maybe questions.  Your mind has always had the capability of generating thoughts.  Your thoughts are independent and separate from speech.  They are, however, where all speaking starts.  You never speak without having a thought first.


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As a human being, you have a larynx or voice box.  When you exhale or breath out, that air vibrates the vocal folds in your voice box. You can change the tension in your vocal folds, making your voice a higher or lower pitch.  Your larynx is the physical foundation for speaking.  Without voice, you would not be able to say a single word. Now, it is really important to know that your larynx functions entirely separately from your articulators – mouth, jaw, lips, tongue. You can make a voice without saying words.  Just try it:  on an out breath, open your mouth and say ‘aaaahhhhh’.  Pretty simple?



When you want to speak, you’ll need to place your articulators – mouth, jaw, lips and tongue, in particular positions according to the language that you are speaking.  Women who stutter have no difficulty at all enunciating the sounds of their language – let’s say English, for example. 

All of the sounds are easy to say, whether they are said individually e.g. “s-s-s; e-e-e” or in words e.g.  “breakfast; traffic”.  In fact, even some seemingly difficult words to say are made up of the same sounds and can be easily articulated e.g. “anticoagulation; electrofying”


 Mindset For Fluency

Setting your intention for fluency connects the pieces and puts them in motion.  Wanting to change your speech pattern and believing that you already have what your need to speak fluently, is critical.  Just being open to the possibility of change, from stuttering to fluency, shifts your mindset for fluency. 

So, could you do all of these – focus, have thoughts, voice, articulate and set your mind?

Well, of course!

By tying these pieces together, neurologically, you’re strengthening the pathways your brain has separated into one.  Think of it like bringing all the separated tracks in your mind, into one track that works efficiently.  So how do you do that?

I’ve put this all into a simple course that you can try for free.  

Check it out below and leave me a comment!


Linda Hurkot

Linda Hurkot

MLSP, R.SLP, S-LP(C), Wealthy Woman Warrior™ Communication Ambassador

A Registered Speech Language Pathologist for 30 years who understands that many of the old techniques used in this field simply aren’t working for most people who stutter. With her revolutionary new programs to help PWS speak easily, she’s making a tremendous impact in the world by finally addressing what all stutters do have control over...and it’s working!

As a Woman Who Stutters Isn't It Time You Learn To Boost Your Self-confidence

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