Literally and Figuratively.  Wow.  What a morning.  I have been very focused on change as of late.  Why?  Because change happens and we need to embrace it.  Because change keeps moving us forward and that forward progress, no matter how small, is what helps us to keep going.

Change is Fuel

Change is important.  If we are struggling, it can be the fuel that works to move us out of our low moments.  It can shift us through self-doubt and into a state of movement.  If we are on the cusp of something exciting, it can be what fuels our confidence to take that risk.  If we are in the every day, it can be that breath of freshness.  That newness that lets us appreciate the extraordinariness of the ordinary, and helps us focus, positively.


Change Will Happen

This year has been about change for me.  My father passed and I had to learn who I was without him.  I took a leave from my corporate job and was squeezed out while grieving.  And I had to figure out who I was without my important corporate job.  I decided to become an entrepreneur and do so using technology, and I had to figure out how to do everything new, without the help of an IT department.


Change is the Drop

And what I have found is that when you change one thing, one habit, one thought, there is a ripple.  One change begets another change.  One action creates a series of occurrences that lead us somewhere if we choose to take action and go open-mindedly.  Change is the drop that creates the ripple.

Today was incredible.  I went to Circus School with five friends.  Yup, 4 days before Christmas, took my mid-century body up on top of a platform to try out the flying trapeze.  I signed a waiver, took off my jewellery, got a briefing, climbed the very tall and shaky ladder and then made the leap!

Wealthy Woman Warrior - Heather Cavanagh - Circus

Here’s what I learned in that moment:

  1. Anything that gets your stomach churning, your mouth dry and your hands sweaty is a GOOD thing. That’s risk.  That’s being out of your comfort zone.  That’s where moments are measured.
  2. You have to follow instructions. I wasn’t very good at this part, at first.  But when I did what I was told I was successful.  I had to put my faith in my coaches who wanted me to do something new and different.  I had to think against my logical, self-protecting, habitual brain.  That’s mindset and illustrative of how changing your thinking, will change your results.
  3. You also have to relinquish control. As a type-A overachiever, this is hard.  At the opposite end of control is peace of mind.  By following instructions, by listening to my coaches, by being a good follower (not always the leader), I succeeded. Someone else’s instructions, or pace, or approach or style, might be better than what I believe I know.  Experience is great, but new experiences are about greatness.

Your challenge

So, I would like to encourage each and everyone one of you to do something different over the holidays.  It doesn’t have to be circus school, but it could be a new class – fitness, art or a lecture.  It could be taking a different route in the car or on your walk.  It could be turning off your cell phone for the day, undertaking a recipe you’ve never tried, telling someone how you really feel about them.  And then watch for the ripple…



Heather Mae Cavanagh is a communications and change management professional. An accomplished 25+ year track record spans advertising, finance, and marketing industries. She has parlayed her vast personal and professional experience into a successful coaching business, now focused on mentoring other high-achievers to shift their mindset and perspective to find their balance, uncover their resilience, improve their networking and ability to make critical connections — allowing them to thrive! Heather has a Masters in Leadership Studies, specialized in coaching & change management. She is also a trained Success Ambassador with Power to Thrive and Wealthy Woman Warrior. You can take a sneak peek inside the training centre where I’m delivering content on mindset by clicking here