If you make one small change, one small step in a different direction or act on a small variation on a thought…. You’ll have a different outcome.  That is all it takes to go in another direction or begin on a new path.

Sometimes doing the same thing over and over again, being stuck in a rut, brings you to the realization and focus that you’ve been searching for. Aligning the steps to your dream.  When that happens, the next steps unfold naturally and automatically.


Take Your Steps By:

Making eye contact with the person you are talking with — but with a different perspective.  Instead of just forcing yourself to make eye contact…pause, take a moment, stop talking and just connect with your gaze.  When you don’t have the intension to speak, for a brief moment and just pause, you don’t have to search for words. What in fact happens, is that you connect with your thoughts, you connect with your natural ability to speak fluently. Then notice…what happens in that moment.  Do your thoughts flow? 

Mentioning that you stutter at the beginning of an important conversation or question that you want to ask.  

Tell them that you may need more time and would they give you that.

Then notice…what happens. Do they seem more relaxed because you have asked them to pause and listen to you?  Do you feel more comfortable knowing that they are going to listen to you because they understand why you speak with interruptions?

With just these two actions, you’re experiencing what it’s like to connect with your thoughts…really focusing on your thoughts to the exclusion of how to express them.  Your innate speech production system automatically and simultaneously converts your thoughts to speech, easily and naturally.

Now, knowing this…the next logical step…

Join Like Minded People To Build Your Confidence

Have you ever admired someone who has stepped forward and spoken up?  Someone who has said exactly what you were thinking or expressed what you were feeling?

What happened then?

It may have shifted your thoughts or actions, ever so slightly…but so easily paving the way for your next steps.

Explore the many groups that have come together to share their experiences about stuttering. 

You’ll find a resonance that suits you.  Here you’ll be able to speak openly, both in print and in person.  

You’ll find connecting and sharing with those you choose, to be liberating.  You’ll gain new insights from those who are seeking that same freedom of speech that you want.

So take that step.  Discover, for yourself, where that small step, that tiny shift, that glimpse of a new perspective will lead you. 

Check these out to begin right now.

Neurosemantics of Stuttering

Stuttering Community


Linda Hurkot

Linda Hurkot

MLSP, R.SLP, S-LP(C), Wealthy Woman Warrior™ Communication Ambassador

A Registered Speech Language Pathologist for 30 years who understands that many of the old techniques used in this field simply aren’t working for most people who stutter. With her revolutionary new programs to help PWS speak easily, she’s making a tremendous impact in the world by finally addressing what all stutters do have control over...and it’s working!

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