Has anyone ever taught you how to manage your emotions?

With the holiday and party season officially underway, emotions are running high.  You might be experiencing some sort emotion and not even know it.  This will reveal itself if you find yourself reacting during your day to even the smallest of things.   It could be something someone said or something someone did.  A parking space you need and can’t find.  All unleashing an emotional tidal wave.

Our emotions are there whether we acknowledge them or not.  When we don’t take the time to understand them, they control us and can leave a wake of misunderstandings.  It feels frustrating, overwhelming and impossible for anything to go right.  What many people don’t know is that our emotions begin with our values.  When we aren’t friends with our values our emotions reign.

“Control your emotions or it will control you” – Samurai Maxim

Are you clear on your values?

We all have an individual set of values, those non-negotiable characteristics that make us who we are.  These values define our being, our core, how we show up in life.  When we live aligned with our values, we feel congruent.  We experience less resistance and conflict as we move through life.  We feel connected to our self.

When we are not living in alignment with our values, we may feel disconnected.  Life can seem like a struggle.

When our values conflict with or are not respected by others, our emotional buttons get touched.  Or even pushed really hard.  We feel ignored.  Offended.  Even disrespected.  We are reactive in all aspects of our life.

The first step to being in control of your emotions is understanding your values.  Once you understand your values it will be easier to make sense of your emotions.

It is also important to remember that values are like fingerprints.  No two persons are ever the same.  Assuming that you share the same values as your partner, family or friends will only lead to more emotion and misunderstanding.

Wealthy Woman Warrior - Kirsten Siggins - control emotions

3 Tips For Managing Your Emotions


  1. Get Clear On Your Values: Understanding your values are going to help you live in alignment and experience less resistance and emotional conflict.
  2. Understand Your Emotions: Understanding what your emotions feel like in the moment will help you control them before they control you.  Don’t wait until you are reacting to notice you are experiencing emotion.
  3. Calming Strategies: Have a few calming strategies that you can access when you feel your emotional buttons getting pushed.  This will help keep you calm so you can carry on.


Kirsten Siggins

Kirsten Siggins

Co-Founder of The Institute of Curiosity, Co-Author of The Power of Curiosity, Communication Ambassador for Wealthy Woman Warrior™

We specialize in high-quality conversations that build high-quality relationships. That means we help people STOP reacting (to people, emotions, events) and learn to start RESPONDING to engage and inspire others, especially in emotional or high stakes situations.


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