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Mental wealth and wellbeing is a cornerstone for engagement and growth.  If you’re looking for programs to enhance your success path and your corporate culture, we’d love to help.


Anxiety, overwhelm and burnout are  standard blocks that keep women from reaching their potential. Let’s eliminate the potential of that happening to you. 

What Is Mental Wealth?

Mental Wealth is an affluence of emotional, psychological and social skills, tools and resources so hardworking women can thrive, even when faced with stressors of daily living and difficult corporate cultures.  While you can’t escape challenges, you certainly can develop a richness of mental wealth to help you thrive through any storm.

Who Is Mental Wealth Training For?

Our programs are geared towards driven professional women who have achieved success in the workforce but have stalled in their advancement.  The professional women we work best with are those who have grit, intelligence and drive but have experienced a change in their career or life that has shaken their confidence and they want help to reclaim their passion.

 What is The Process Like?

The Mental wealth training programs are designed to help women and workplaces go from idea to impact without burning out. 

Each program includes proprietary self-assessment tools, training to retrain outdated self-sabotaging thought patterns, and cognitive mindset patterning to transform apprehension, worry, doubt and overwhelm into courage and confidence.  

1. How Are Wealthy Woman Warrior™ Mental Wealth Programs Different From Others?

After a twenty year career steeped in mindset, behavioural psychology and cognitive behavioural processes we thought we had solid programs because they always generated results.  But after spending the past four years steeped in male dominated corporate cultures and performing a workplace study to evaluate solutions to bridge the gap between male and female performance and pay gaps, our insights led to a massive overhaul on our training programs.

To truly help women thrive, we need to support the internal dialogue that no one else hears, except them.  It’s this internal dialogue that hinders confidence, halts courage and consistently makes women doubt their every move. It’s this internal dialogue that robs energy, stimulates overwhelm and prevents them from going after their desires. 

For most women, regardless of success, accolades and achievements, they have deeply rooted sentiments of  “it’s not enough” mentality, which keeps them searching for perfection and stuck in autopilot of “just getting by”.

These are the internal personalized beliefs, attachments and thought patterns that cause women to opt-out instead of leaning in.

Our mental wealth programs are specifically designed to build confidence, courage and resilience to take action, in male dominated industries.  We help women find and forge their own success path, building up a plethora of mindset skills, so that no matter what the challenge, overwhelm and burnout aren’t even a consideration. 

2. Do You Offer Corporate Programs?

Yes. Corporate training programs are available.

Depending on the needs of your company, we’ll either deliver a half-day or full day training, with online support courses available for an additional investment.

3. Do You Offer Private Individual Programs?

Yes. We have 2 options for private mental wealth training programs.

1) A Three Month Private Program that includes 60 minute private zoom calls with Andrea and online access to our Wealthy Woman Warrior™ Learning Centre.

Program Cost Starts At $5000.00 CAD + HST

2) A Six Month Private Program that includes 60 mintue private zoom calls with Andrea and online access to our Wealthy Woman Warrior™ Learning Centre.

Program Costs Starts At $8500.00 CAD + HST



About Andrea

In a digital world, that’s constantly becoming more technology-centric, I have fervently gone to the limits to innovate powerful mental wealth tools and skills that really work. 

I’m a firm believer that your mental wealth is dependent on your connection to your own self-awareness. 

Having clarity, consistency and repetitively practicing thought patterns that support you is imperative.

Why do I believe this?  Because at every stage of my own career I have pushed my own limits.  As a resilient women with a ton of grit and determination I pushed myself past the point of collapse.  When that happened I searched high and low for professionals who could help, but at the end of the day, it was a process of learning how to build my own bank of mental wealth up with systems and structure for growth.  

Once I was able to capitalize on my own mental richness, I realized how many other women were on the same path I had been on.  It’s the moment something changes that creates the first crack and it often happens at times we least expect it. 

I’m here to help you get off the path of isolation and withdrawal because I believe in you.  I believe professional driven women deserve to live their version of  what a ‘best life’ is.  Be prolific.  Be awesome.

And NEVER shrink to fit.


Traditional professional development initiatives no longer work for busy working women (and working moms) in the corporate world. Women often put aside their own personal and professional development in order to complete the daily to do list. By taking some time to complete this program, you can refocus your mindset to be more productive on a regular basis. That increased productivity will lead to an increased sense of accomplishment and overall improve confidence.”

Jennifer Wagner, VP Legal and Corporate Secretary, Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd.

My professional path was initially a very quick progression to a Director position where I stalled out for years – Andrea helped me get to the VP level. I am now being recognized fully for the contributions I make to my team and Andrea had a very large part in training me to be able to recognize that goal.”

Jennifer Bryant, Vice President of Sales

“Most women in Toronto are in male dominated industries and the programs available to us are dire.  A day at the spa, yoga or even training in conscious biases isn’t going to show me how to achieve my goals while juggling mounting competing priorities.  When I found Andrea, I found my confidence, courage and happiness – she’s the real deal.”

Sharon Levie, Vice President of Operations

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