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Andrea Carter

Most companies do not have the relevant tools to advance their corporate women leaders into prolific influencers.

The benefit to closing the gender gap through female leadership, over the next nine years is $420 Billion in GDP.

This is an opportunity you want to LEVERAGE and we can help you do it.

Get to know us

We are a COLLABORATIVE women’s leadership and professional development training team.

Expect More

Every training module with Wealthy Woman Warrior™ has been designed with effective, synergist business development in mind. We get things done with you and for you. We develop situational leaders who use our training to influence change. We inspire team engagement. We are catalysts for your organization’s growth.

Do More

When women support each other, incredible things happen. We are committed and believe that we are in this TOGETHER! We hold one another accountable and can help your team evolve with training that becomes unforgettable and sustainable. We like to think differently and grow with optimism, so you can too.

Know more

We’ve created a unique, multidimensional platform where learning, collaboration and understanding work conjointly to drive success. Programs are delivered by an internationally recognized line-up of trainers, coaches, and professionals in the 5 areas of vulnerability keeping women stuck – Mindset, Communication, Financial Literacy, Sales and Technology. We are your go-to team, delivering elite, full-service training to meet your needs.

Grow More

The data is in. When companies invest in women’s business leadership roles and professional development and advancement, it also boosts the bottom line. Our corporate trainings have an integrative balance, delivered in person or online, for high-potential managers and executives to engage in their work, communities and become an influencer themselves.

With training from Wealthy Woman Warrior’s™ Corporate Team, participants:

  • Discover how to become influential leaders and executives who deliver game-changing ideas,
  • Reveal their vision and what is needed to define, refine and create a culture with purpose,
  • Leverage business resources and potential partners and colleagues through coaching and personal development
  • Embrace future-shaping trends and technologies, impacting both traditional and contemporary measures of return-on-investment and influence.

What’s your Opportunity

Business demands leaders with diverse skills needed to be successful in today’s organizations. These are hard and soft skills—and confidence matters as much as competence. No more training women to be men. We train women to be effective and authentic and let their natural talents, inclinations and strengths predominate.

At Wealthy Woman Warrior we get this. We are a group of women supporting women to gain leadership skills that will lead to clarity, enhanced confidence, increased productivity and achieve economic potential. When women don’t act, when they hesitate because they lack confidence, they hold back their full contribution. But when women act, they perform and deliver.

By the numbers

How we can help

We provide training and coaching to develop:

  • Effective critical AND creative thinkers capable of exploring possibility as they problem solve. Researchers find diversity of thought leads to better problem solving, better collaboration, better work.
  • Confident, prolific mindset leaders. The right mindset to take action, to be effective negotiators, to be resilient and innovative. The truth is that mindset has everything to do with action. Having a prolific mindset increases a winning perspective to achieve long-term success.
  • Effective communicators even in emotional or high stakes situations. Effective communication causes productivity to increase, errors to decrease and operations to run smoother. It also helps to reduce the barriers erected because of language, generational and situational differences – the very essence of our global and increasingly virtual workplace.
  • Capable relationship builders for engagement, connection and relationships. We want this from our leaders, our team members, our sales teams and as a corporate citizen. Relationship training and development can maximize productivity, shape a positive culture and promote harmony.

Is your organization seeking the following?

  • Competent disruptors, able to challenge the status quo as they engage others to focus on possible innovations to build a better organization.
  • Confident leaders capable of assessing risk and embracing risk with sound reasoning and confidence.
  • Effective relationship builders who understand the value of collaboration and team-work.
  • Pathfinders with vision for a clear focus on innovation and success.

The world recognizes we need to keep women in the game of influential leadership

Research shows that Fortune 500 companies with the highest representation of women on boards, financially outperform companies with the lowest representation of women on boards.

Moreover, gender-diverse teams have higher sales and profits compared to male dominated teams, and a recent Gallup study found that gender-diverse business units have higher average revenue than less diverse business units.

Get access to industry-approved methods & tools under one collaborative platform

Isn’t it time you had access to a full suite of turn-key executive development training services and support to help your women become prolific influential leaders?

  • Real, Relevant & Affordable
  • Professional & Productive
  • Over 15 Years of Experience
Research shows that women will reach their economic potential when they learn to master five core competencies.

We call these PILLARS. They are what is helping women become masterful prolific leaders.

Pillar #1


Train your thinking, choose the approach & get the outcomes you seek

Mindset precedes all action. What’s missing for most is a system for constructive thinking, turning obstacles into opportunities, driving confidence and results.

With the right mindset system, steeped in 15 years of neuroscience and research, prolific thinking converts into prolific leadership.

Pillar #1


Transform the way you listen & speak in conversations – even in high stakes situations

Learning to communicate effectively and developing relationships rooted in understanding is critical, especially in emotionally charged or high stakes situations.

Our proven conversation framework, backed by neuroscience, gives you the needed tools for influential results.

Pillar #3

Financial literacy

Confidently let the numbers tell the story to guide your economic potential forward

Financial Literacy, now more than ever before, is a requirement for women leaders. A woman’s worth and value are connect to her economic potential.

Allow us to help you build your team’s confidence and financial acumen, resulting in corporate credibility.

Pillar #4


Effectively make the ‘ask’ with sincerity to your niche market & meet your targets every time

Sales are crucial to the success and advancement in any workplace. Many women struggle with sales, feeling forceful or insincere.

Effective sales strategies and techniques that are customized for women and the women’s market will drive an engaged confident team.

Pillar #5


Access relevant & timely strategies for online systems and structures

Women are behind in understanding how technology can support them. Many women are lacking relevant tools for productivity and profitability.

We help “technophobes” become “technolifics”!

Founders Mission

The Founding Ambassadors of Wealthy Woman Warrior™ represent business success delivered through commitment, dedication and collaboration. We dedicate our talents, energies and passion to creating tools to help transform business development. Our work encompasses new technologies, online training and sales platforms, mindset and communication skills that are current and relevant for today’s challenges. Together we stand as a collaborative enterprise helping make a difference in the lives of women and an inclusive corporate culture.

Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter


Heather Cavanagh

Heather Cavanagh

M.A., Leadership | Executive Coach | Speaker

Kirsten Siggins

Kirsten Siggins

Co-Founder Institute OF Curiosity | Author | Certified Executive Coach

Get Started With your Prolific Leadership Training For Your Talented Corporate women.

To support prolific women business leaders you can’t just do what’s been done before.

A woman’s brain is wired differently than a man’s.

This is why we’re only now learning the power diversity has – because we now have the technology, psychology and biology research proving this to be true.

There is massive opportunity that comes from getting gender diversity right.

How your talent thinks, how she takes action, where her energy is focused all play a part.

Training for women in 5 areas of expertise will transform performance and your bottom line.  Confidence and Action are easy when Mindset, Communication, Sales, Financial Literacy and Technology are learned relevant to what is happening today.

Fill in your information in the space provided to the right and we’ll get started with a strategy session to identify your specific needs right away!

Andrea Carter
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