Created by: Andrea Carter Featuring Heather Cavanagh

CEO & Founder, Power To Thrive™ Creator, Mindset Trainer for 15+ years

Recent studies on gratitude show that it changes your life.  In today’s world, it’s not enough to just write down things you’re grateful for – your body and brain need to feel it!  You’ll finally discover the framework required to transform your life PLUS you’ll create your own mindset structure so the practice of gratitude can and will transform your thoughts daily. Discover the essential tools so that you can slow down to speed up and you’ll create a mindset system that will work for you for life.

Created by: Andrea Carter Featuring Heather Cavanagh

CEO & Founder, Power To Thrive™ Creator, Mindset Trainer for 15+ years

You update your operating system on your computer at least montly, but when was the last time you updated how you think through life situations?  Your mindset and thoughts affect your results personally, professionally and economically. In this experiential training, you will immediately discover ways to get started on thinking prolifically with a complete mindset hack for even the most challenging environments.  You’ll finally realize how malleable the world around you is and how achieveable your results are.

Kathy Taberner and Kirsten Taberner Siggins

Co-Founders of the Institute of Curiosity, Co-authors of The Power Of Curiosity

Curiosity is the innovation-driving, emotion-calming skill that comes naturally to us as kids, but gets buried by our busy, multi-tasking lifestyles, mixed messaging and competing priorities. Good news! This step by step 10 week training will transform your conversations and empower your leadership personally and professionally!


Founder & Chief Strategist of BlackStar Financial Group

Financial freedom doesn’t have to be boring or out of reach. Discover the One Number Solution™ that you can transform your financial stability and growth with. In this training we’ll take away the shame and judgement out and transform it into a love for wisdom in wealth. Let’s get started today!

Linda Hurkot, MLSP, R.SLP, S-LP(C)

Founder of Easy Speaking For Stutterers, Speech Pathologist for 30+ years

Uncover your fluent speech so you can be seen and valued.

In this training, we’ve transformed the old conventional tools for stuttering into vibrant experiential techniques that work in the moment and beyond. You’ll transform your speech while raising your confidence, clarity and communication, step by step with Linda!

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