Have you wondered how your fluent speech is related to your stutter?

What is the balance between the two? Or is there a balance?

As a Woman Who Stutters, do you hold back, cave to fear, go in the other direction and avoid speaking?  Every time you do this, you strengthen your stutter and weaken your fluency.

When you hold yourself back from speaking, your reasons for not talking become stronger and stronger.  Your stuttering is supported by:

  • building anxiety when you speak,
  • fearing that you’ll stutter;
  • avoiding words or sounds that are difficult to say;
  • steering clear of situations, topics or people holding painful emotional memories

Your mind and body become locked and rigid as stuttering takes hold.  

By confidently taking all the speaking opportunities that you can, you will unlock anxiety and tension inside of you.  And if you do stutter, you still took the chance to speak. And then again, maybe you won’t stutter.

When you speak up often, your fluency strengthens and stuttering weakens.

Just taking that chance to speak more often, your fluent speech is more automatic.

Every time you add a comment, jump into a conversation or ask a question, speaking becomes more involuntary. You’ll be more comfortable speaking.  You’ll notice more fluent speech and less stuttering.

Stuttering is diminished when chances to speak are taken.

You see, as you restrict the times you speak, your underlying fluency is suppressed!  

When you finally have to speak, your confidence is gone. Stuttering prevails.  All the reasons to support stuttering, flood your mind. Then the cycle continues.

But you can flip this around by speaking every chance you get. Then the ease of speaking your thoughts directly becomes familiar.

Use Speaking Out As An Antidote To Stuttering

Often, there isn’t a warning about when you might stutter.  It may even surprise you.  

So not knowing if you might stutter, go ahead and speak as often as you can.

With this focus, your over all speech production will be much more fluent, in spite of stuttering

New perspectives on Speaking More and Stuttering Less

  •  How Speaking Up Build’s Your Fluency

The more often you speak up, the more often you’ll trigger your fluent speech mechanism.  Continually activating the ‘think-speak’ loop distracts your brain from trying to control your stutter.

What happens naturally is that you have a thought and then you express it. No stops in between. No worrying about what or how you will speak.  Just think and speak.  This is the fluent way.  

As you become more confident speaking up, you’ll respond easily with comments, information and questions in the conversation.

As you get caught up in the conversation, you’ll be engaged in it and less on stuttering.

And should you stutter, it’s dismissed. The conversation has all your attention.

Action: Moving Forward by Starting Conversations

  1. Notice the chances you have to talk with other people;

E.g. in a checkout line, at the produce counter, filling up with gasoline, getting the mail, complementing another’s attire, hair etc.

  1. Now take those chances to talk, as many as possible, every day.
  2. AND, you’ll start conversations with these very bold steps.

Thoughts always come before actions.  So nothing happens. without the thought first.

You have a thought and then you act or speak.  Your fluency will grow engaging natural speech.

The formula for easy speaking is simple: “Think – Speak – Listen – Repeat”.

But, every time you shut down or block the thought that you want to express, your fluent speech becomes restricted and buried. The direct pathway between thinking and speaking is impeded.

But, by freely expressing your thoughts when ever you’d like to, that pathway to fluency becomes entrenched.  As you use the pathway more and more, fluency becomes stronger and stuttering weaker.

Action: Moving Forward by Consciously Noticing Your Fluency

  1. With a friend’s permission, audio record a short conversation between you, each person taking a turn speaking.
  2. Listen to the recording when you are finished.
  3. Notice all your responses, vocabulary, sentences, ideas, and questions.
  4. Each time you speak, you reinforce that direct pathway from thought to speech.
  5. You’ll likely gain a very different perspective on how you speak, how fluent you really are, and how little you stutter.

The underlying skill required to Speak More and Stutter Less is confidence – confidence to take the chance, make the move, be bold.

Please check out my free on line course, Uncover Your Confidence in 15 Minutes to be Seen and Valued

Discover just how much fluent speech you have and how confidence can expand and maintain it.

Linda Hurkot, MLSP, R.SLP, S-LP(C)

Founder of Easy Speaking For Stutterers

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