Isn’t It Natural to Hide What You Don’t Want Others to See?

So You Fit In and Belong

Getting to the interview stage for the position that you really, really want is a great accomplishment.  You have jumped through all of the hoops so far and now you can showcase your qualifications, experiences and personality in person.

Now, an interview situation can naturally bring anxiety and tension, all by itself.  Adding stuttering increases stress..

We know that in the first few seconds of any encounter, each person notices many attributes of the other.  Because these first few seconds are so critical, it is important to portray the best about you. Your openness and willingness to connect and be transparent sets the stage for a great interaction.

Will Others See What You Are Hiding?

When the interviewer notices something about HOW you talk, that can detract them from WHAT you are saying.  When that ‘something’ is distracting, the interviewer can’t concentrate on your responses.  They are missing out on learning about you.  And you are covering up the best things about you.

So Just Tell Them That You Stutter

Right up front, telling the interviewer that you stutter relieves tension and anxiety from both of you.

Most people do not know what a person who stutters sounds like, so you can take away that mystery by briefly explaining it.

Most of all, you want your conversation, your interview to be understood and valued.  You want it to stand out and be memorable. By talking about your stutter, you are making it a non-issue.

For your Powerful Advantage –  Use Your Stutter To Stand Out

Wealthy Woman Warrior - Linda Hurkot - Stuttering Interview 

How You Benefit When You Talk About Your Stutter:


  1. You are relieved because the interviewer has an understanding of what happens when you speak;
  2. You free up your mental abilities to focus and engage in the interview,
  3. You are spontaneous in the moment, adding valuable details to your responses.
  4. And if you do happen to stutter, it will appear as an understood, non-interrupting, minor aspect of your speech. 

How the Interviewer Benefits When You Talk About Your Stutter 

  1. The interviewer is at ease knowing that you are comfortable explaining your stutter.
  2. The interviewer’s understanding of your specific type of stutter, whether repeating, blocking or mannerisms, minimizes the distraction of stuttering from your message.
  3. Tension is reduced for everyone in the situation;
  4. The interviewer focuses on the intent and meaning of what you are saying;
  5. She sees you clearly as a valuable candidate, with all you have to offer when fitting into their business culture.

Being Bold and Up Front is Scary – An Easy Way to Start

Many people who stutter have a  very difficult time talking on the phone.  Many embarrassing and humiliating situations occur, leading to them never wanting to talk on the phone again.

But, talking on the phone is quick and efficient; you can get your questions answered and move on.

Let’s Try This Simple Activity:

Prepare: Choose a local business that you want to call about a product or service.

Next: Rehearse what you want to begin to say about stuttering.

e.g.      Hello, I want you to know that I stutter and may need more time to say what I want to.

Hi, I’d like to ask for your patience when I’m talking because I stutter.

Action: Make the call and tell them that you stutter at the beginning.

Next: go ahead with your question that you are calling about.

Reflect: When you have finished the call, reflect on how it went.

How did you feel when you talked about your stutter?

What was the response of the person you called?

How was your fluency after you disclosed your stutter?

Repeat: Practice these 3 steps with other calls, noticing your easy and confidence increasing.


Linda Hurkot is a communication enhancement ambassador for People Who Stutter, specializing in women who stutter. Linda helps professional women who stutter integrate speech into a natural way of communicating with a proprietary program called, The Easy Speaking for Stutterers’ program. You can take a sneak peek inside the training centre where I’m delivering content on communication by clicking here