How Habits Can Help You

When you are different or have a trait that is not common, our human tendency is to cover it up and hide it.   Stuttering can be that kind of thing. Habits are great for protecting what we don’t want others to see. When you first stuttered, you may have reacted to someone that startled you and told you were doing something terrible.  The emotions that we create immediately from that reaction become embedded in your mind and body. You know the feeling.  To protect you, a habit develops immediately.  It is the exact habit you needed to protect you. It happens so quickly that you might not even realize that this practice is in place. What you notice is that the ‘pain’ is gone. Habits create comfort.

Identifying what those habits might be difficult. Old habits may be so ingrained and part of the fabric of you, that they are invisible.

But when you want to change something that is holding you back from life, then bringing that invisible old habit out in the open to be seen, is necessary.

“How to do this?”  Read on.

Identify Your Old Habits, Your Compensations for ‘Pain’

Do you:

  1. believe that there is nothing that can help you to become more fluent?
  2. believe that a method or technique that worked for one person who stutters will not work for you?
  3. circumvent certain sounds, words, situations, people because they are difficult?
  4. keep your mind on full alert, scanning for any unexpected ‘pain’ to avoid?
  5. have high anxiety that blocks your mind and prevents you from being present?


If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, you are beginning to see your behaviours or ways of thinking that are holding you back. These habits that are perpetuating your stuttering.

Identifying your habits, those actions and feelings that have kept you protected and safe is an easy way to start.  Boost your awareness exponentially, just knowing what those patterns are that don’t serve you anymore.  With this new knowledge, you’ll find new understandings, information, and opportunities grabbing your attention.  You’ll have many options to help you on your way to natural speaking.

Wealthy Woman Warrior - Linda Hurkot - releasing habits

What If Releasing Just One Old Habit Increased Your Fluency?


Try this:

Habit:  You believe that stuttering is your fate.  With stuttering, you hold back from doing what you want to in your career, relationships and personally.  There is nothing that you can do about that.

When your mindset sticks in the habit, it is occupied with this thought.  It is so refreshing to know that changing your mindset is very easy.  It is refreshing, releasing and opens you to possibilities and potential.


Action:  Pick one of your beliefs, e.g. “I stutter, and there is nothing I can change.”

Now, reverse that belief.  Turn it around and look at the other side. “I stutter, and there must be lots of things that I can do about it.”

Imagine what would help you with your stutter and your life.  Let the possibilities arise. Don’t judge them.  Give each one attention and focus.

Now take a moment to reflect on what this exercise felt like for you.  Were there ideas that came up that surprised you?  Did you feel the freedom in your thoughts as you just let them happen?  Was there a thought that you could replace one of your old ideas with now?


By removing inhibiting habits and releasing the ‘pain,’ you are creating space for new habits. They’ll move you towards easy speaking.


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