Wow.  It’s been an incredible two weeks as we move into the New Year.  Are you feeling challenged?  The weather has us hibernating and extending ourselves (lots to shovel and winter dressing takes time and effort).  We are also trying to keep well and healthy. And navigate the regular business of life, coupled with wanting to fit in a new year’s new habit or two.

How do I keep my focus?

How do you get your mindset on-track or keep it on track when the day around us seems to challenge our very intention for a prolific perspective!  We start out our day with the best of intentions.  We are ready to practice a new habit, hold a positive viewpoint, keep a new schedule or build a new habit.  However, everything in our environment seems to be in revolt to that achievement.

Today I found myself struggling with getting kids out the door, dressed for the winter weather, the walkway, driveway and car cleared, recycling to the curb, the dog walked and ‘watered’ and then traffic.  And I had gotten organized the night before!

>>>  Stay the course with positivity & practice.

What you think is what you become.  Our internal dialogue–the ongoing conversation we have –is a driving force towards success or failure.  As life ticks away you need to focus on keeping a positive mindset.

Choosing to be positive and having a good attitude will determine a lot about your life. Be positive, not passive. Instead of giving yourself reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t, give yourself reasons why you can and permission to go for it. Happiness doesn’t come from circumstances but always from what you do in response to your environment.

Your Mindset Affects Your Behaviour

If you want to change your mindset– the best way is via action.  Repeated action.

Think about what you want and take action. And, when you take action, you achieve a little success and you build confidence and momentum.   Repeat this process long enough and you’ll see changes you desire.

Wealthy Woman Warrior - Heather Cavanagh - mindset for wear and tear

Remember to Stop and Reframe. 

Yes, it’s that simple—It’s just a new response and has to be practiced.

At the first sign of frustration, stop and breathe.  Do three slow breaths in and out, counted to five on each inhale and exhale.  Now it feels different.

Next, interrupt that negative self-talk immediately!   Instead of saying:  ‘I got up at 5:00 today, how can we still be running late?’  Focus positively and reflect your circumstances as so.  “I got up at 5:00 today and got it all moving’.  I am late, so will fix something else for tomorrow.’  Removing the clauses like ‘still’, ‘again’, ‘always’ change how you are processing your circumstances.  Avoid self-criticism and speak to yourself with encouragement and positivity.  There is always a positive side.

And then reframe.  You can’t ever control every aspect of your day or life.  You can only ever respond to how the environment is. Choose to contribute positively to that environment or you can choose to add negative fuel to a situation.  Don’t do that.  Instead, reframe.  ‘Going to make this better’.  ‘Thankful for getting out the door without yelling!’  “Life is worth laughing about’.

Stay positive, stay focused on continuous improvement.  It makes a huge difference.

Good luck with the days ahead.  You’ve got this!

Heather Mae Cavanagh is a communications and change management professional. An accomplished 25+ year track record spans advertising, finance, and marketing industries. She has parlayed her vast personal and professional experience into a successful coaching business, now focused on mentoring other high-achievers to shift their mindset and perspective to find their balance, uncover their resilience, improve their networking and ability to make critical connections — allowing them to thrive! Heather has a Masters in Leadership Studies, specialized in coaching & change management. She is also a trained Success Ambassador with Power to Thrive and Wealthy Woman Warrior. You can take a sneak peek inside the training centre where I’m delivering content on mindset by clicking here