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Inner Navigation Centre™

Instead of just learning the theory of thinking prolifically you’ll discover how to engage your mind to actively switch into prolific awareness and behaviour. In Power To Thrive™ we start by creating what we call the Inner Navigation Centre™.

When you create your own Inner Navigation Centre™, the foundational mindset tool to power your behaviours and actions, you’ll succeed both personally and professionally.

The Inner Navigation Centre™ is a construct you create deep within your imaginative centers in the brain that will help you discover how to connect to your ‘inner power’ while being able to clearly think through situations without the emotional charge that comes from fixed thinking.

We’ve looked at how easy it is to revert to old patterns and old behaviours, simply because your mind and brain have the habit of ‘going there’.

Learning the Inner Navigation Centre™ will allow you to shift into a new habit, one that supports your vision forward and your actions on the path you want to take.

Transform your life

Discover that using your Inner Navigation Centre™ helps you feel connected to something that is bigger than yourself, and in so doing, you will start to understand and recognize your true potential and calling in life. Most struggle to understand their own value for this reason, but when you create this prolific mindset construct, you change your thinking, how you show up in the world and unveil the specific actions right for you to experience the freedom and calling you really want.

The Inner Navigation Centre™ becomes an enjoyable daily ritual that consistently and reliably empowers you to thrive in literally every area of your life – mentally, emotionally and physiologically instead of just surviving.

No matter who you are, what you have done, or what you are facing now, the Inner Navigation Centre™ allows you to have a connection to a safe and inspiring place that resides deep inside of you – that is always accessible when you have a system to connect with.

Discover genuine solutions and opportunities and transform even the most seemingly complicated issues in your life.

Power To Thrive™ is not just another same-old mindset course – it is an easy-to-use, totally new and unique, fun-filled and deeply satisfying empowerment structure that once learned will provide you a lifetime of confidence, happiness, and fulfillment.


Unlock Your Prolific Thinking Potential

Imagine having the courage to stop “following the crowd” and instead, start listening and responding to that still, small voice that has been speaking to you all along, enabling you now to find the success, results and momentum you truly deserve.

When you create your own Inner Navigation Centre™ you’ll have the ability to use this daily, completely changing how you show up personally and professionally


Continuously Develop and Engage Astonishing Self Confidence

You’ll discover: how to truly believe in yourself, knowing that you can turn the otherwise deemed ‘impossible’ into your reality.


Realize Your Capacity

Imagine finally understanding the capacity you have and then harnessing it daily. What ripple effect would you be creating in your family? Community? Nationally?  Women are the gateway to true global change, harnessing your daily capacity empowers yourself and everyone in your circle.


Uncover an Awesome Inner Power and Resilience You Never Knew You Had

You’ll discover through the Inner Navigation Centre™ and your creative brain centers, that you can always quickly and easily tap into a well of strength, trust and optimism.  When you learn to do so, you always have access to ‘the edge’ needed to find solutions…even when situations seem challenging or dire you’ll be able to keep going.


Have Your Own Unique Tool To Get Unstuck and Choose Your Path

When you learn how to use the Inner Navigation Centre™ you’ll finally have your own personal recipe to freedom.

In the Power To Thrive™ Prolific Mindset Training you’ll receive:


8 Modules each with packed with:


Video training


Mp3 Downloadable files


An exclusive Power To Thrive™ Experience


An exclusive Power To Thrive™ Exercise


Access to previously recorded group calls in case you can’t be there live


Access to additional support and advanced trainings

Course Outline:

Introduction: Your Dreams Are About To Meet Real World Results…Ready?

  • Video Introduction from Andrea Carter (The story behind our founder)
  • Who is this training for? What can I expect?
  • Let’s get to know each other! Introduce Yourself!
  • Video Introduction of Success Ambassador – Heather Cavanaugh
  • Video Introduction of Success Ambassador – Shannon Chilvers
  • Video Introduction of Success Ambassador – Melissa Kuan
  • Quick Start Guide & Road Map
Module 1 – The Science, Psychology and Spirituality of Success
  • The Science of Success
     – The Brain & The Switch Cost Factor
    – How The Inner Navigation Centre™ Makes The Impossible, Possible
  • The Psychology of Success
     – The Mind
    – The Power Of Words
    – The Power of Imagination
  • The Spirituality of Success
     – What is Spirituality?
    – Knowing Oneself & Infinite Power
    – Your ‘Super Power’ Is Within You
Module 3 – The Inner Navigation Centre™
  • Why do we build a mental construct for success?
  • What is a mental construct for success?
  • How does the mental construct make a difference?
  • Exactly what you’re going to create in your Inner Navigation Centre™
  • How to create your Inner Navigation Centre
  • Let’s create your Inner Navigation Centre
  • Q & A – Debriefing Your Inner Navigation Centre™ Build
Module 5 The Inner Navigation Centre™ Gratitude Room
  • The Connection between Gratitude & Success
  • A Visceral Connection To Your Gratitude Muscle
  • The Upward Spiral of Gratitude
  • The Inner Navigation Centre™ Gratitude Experience
  • Q & A – Debriefing your Inner Navigation Centre™ Gratitude Experience
Module 7 – The Inner Navigation Centre and Visioning For Success
  • Visioning and Your Inner Navigation Centre™
  • Visioning and Your Brain
  • Preparing For Your Visioning Experience
  • The Inner Navigation Centre™ Visioning Experience
  • Q & A – Debriefing your Inner Navigation Centre™ Visioning Experience
Module 2 – Slowing Down to Speed Up – Alpha Brain Waves
  • Rewiring Your Mind For Success
  • The 5 Senses & Your Reality
  • Engaging Your Alpha Brain Waves for Success
  • Pre-Framing Your Alpha Experience
  • Your Guided Alpha Experience
  • Q & A – Debriefing Your Alpha Experience
Module 4 – The Inner Navigation Centre™ Heart
  •    The Power Of Emotion & Connection
  •    3 Specific Research Studies Proving Your Emotions Affect Your DNA
  •    Neuroscience and Psychology a direct correlation of your Reality
  •    The Steps To Connect with your Inner Navigation Centre™ Heart
  •    Let’s connect with your Inner Navigation Centre™ Heart
  •    Q & A – Debriefing Your Inner Navigation Centre™ Heart Experience
Module 6 – The Inner Navigation Centre™ and Physical Connection
  • The Paradigm Of Reality & Your Physical Connection
  • Creating A Visceral Connection To Your Physical Body
  • The Inner Navigation Centre™ Workout of Champions
  • Q & A – Debriefing Your Physical Connection in the Inner Navigation Centre™
Module 8 – Uncover Your Personal Creative X-Factor
  • Align Your Action Steps For Impact
  • Power Cultivating Words To Keep You In Action

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