Congratulations! Seriously. It’s hard to stop “following the crowd” and listen to that small voice inside of yourself that’s been saying all along, “You truly deserve more…”
  • Are you still feeling stuck though even though you’ve been trying “everything” and “doing it all”;
  • Or maybe you’re doing everything in your power just to keep your s%@t together despite the chaos in your life;
  • Maybe you’ve even been saying to yourself, “I can’t possibly add in one more thing when nothing seems to be working anyways”;
  • It can also be the age old issue of feeling guilt and shame spending money on yourself – other than for what’s necessary, or…
  • If you’re saying to yourself, “I’d give anything to just stay focused so I can just get more done in a day” … as if that’s the answer…
Power To Thrive™ is not just another same-old mindset course – it is an easy-to-use, totally new and unique, fun-filled and deeply satisfying tool that once learned will provide you a lifetime of confidence, happiness, and fulfillment.


Imagine having the ability to focus on one thing at a time. You’re at your desk and you’re clear on what you need to do and effortlessly you’re banging through your to-do list like a superstar. All those things you’ve been carrying over day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month are literally getting done and you’re excited and happy because you finally feel successful.

Develop & engage your Self Confidence

Imagine having the courage to stop “following the crowd” and instead, start listening and responding to that still, small voice that has been speaking to you all along, enabling you now to find the success, results and momentum you truly deserve.

When you use the tools in the Power To Thrive™ you’ll have what you’ll need to completely change how you show up personally and professionally.

You’ll discover how to pivot, regardless of what’s happening around you, so you can truly believe in yourself, knowing that you can turn the otherwise deemed ‘impossible’ into your reality.


energize Your Capacity

Imagine finally understanding the capacity you have and be able to harness it daily. What ripple effect would you be creating in your family? Community? Nationally?

Women are the gateway to true global change, harnessing your daily capacity empowers yourself and everyone in your circle.

You already feel that if you could clone yourself, you’d be unstoppable but when you’ve energized your capacity you won’t feel like you need that clone anymore because you’ll be making it happen. 


Uncover Resilience You've ALWAYS HAD but feel like you've lost

You’ve had a lifetime of ups and downs yet up until now you’ve been pretty great at figuring out how to make it to the otherside … all of the sudden you’re doubting if you’ll have the energy and the faith to keep going. 

When you learn the tools in Power To Thrive™ you’ll activate your creative brain centers, increasing your energy and your personal ‘well of resilience’ so that you can quickly and easily tap into your strength, trust and optimism.    

When you use these tools, you’ll always have access to ‘your edge’ needed to find solutions…even when situations seem challenging or dire you’ll be able to figure it out.


Have Your Own Unique Tool To Get Unstuck and Choose Your Path

When you learn the tools within the Power To Thrive™ mindset training you’ll have your own personal recipe to freedom.

If you’ve been doing all the gratitude tools and waiting for the abundance to flow in…but it’s not…likely it’s because you’re doing the ‘work’ but not feeling a connection to it. 

For your life to change, you can’t just imagine it or think it into reality – that’s what is being taught in most programs and it doesn’t work.  

In Power To Thrive™ you’ll instead learn the tools to feel your life, feel the power of gratitude and literally begin changing your DNA to align with abundance and your potential.

Just like Dr. Delicia Haynes

It’s common to talk about how hard it is for women trying to ‘be it all’ and ‘do it all’.  The mindset that we have to shoulder all the responsibility, both personally and professionally, feeling the judgement and shame if it’s not perfect – it’s taking women out all over the place.

No matter what you’re faced with – using the Inner Navigation Centre™ you can be ready.

It’s pre-training your brain and body for to reach success.

Factor in that it’s a mindset tool where forgiveness can occur, where healing happens, and where you leave behind the story of your past so that your success story can surface and there’s no reason for you not to take this!

Dr. Delicia Haynes

Medical Doctor Specializing in Diabetes, Family First Health Center









Take a sneak peek inside our beautiful Tribe Thrive Training Centre!

In the Power To Thrive™ Prolific Mindset Training you’ll receive:

8 Video Training Modules so you can watch at your own pace, on your own time and when it’s convenient for you. 
Specific downloadable Mp3 files so you can listen on the go on your mobile device at any time of day, especially in the moments that you’re struggling.
You’ll be invited to join our weekly group calls with our trainers so that you never again have to feel like you’re ‘going it alone’
You’ll receive ‘open access’ to previously recorded group calls in case you can’t be there live.

Three (3) bonus audio experiences guiding you through how to:

  • Sharpen Your Thinking So You Get Results
  • BE Emotionally STRONG
  • Increase your productivity without having to do more.
Access to our trainers who are here to mentor you and help you move forward so that you never again feel alone or stuck and you always have access to support.

I love the Inner Navigation System™, the foundation of the Power To Thrive™ training! Sometimes after using it, my relationships change immediately! This seems to work instantly and I totally love it. I can also easily see how it would help me show my clients how to play and manifest in their life in a very cool and fun way.

Power To Thrive™ training can be helpful in many many businesses. I can see people using it for manifesting goals, developing team, enhancing management communication, realizing goals for non-profits, and so many more options!

The Inner Navigation Centre™ is a very original and cool concept! It can help people to transform their lives and businesses in a deep and profound way with lasting success.

Dr. Ellen DeLange-Ros

Business Coach & Specialist, Faxion

YOU MIGHT BE WONDERING... "What's involved in this training?"

Introduction: Your Dreams Are About To Meet Real World Results…Ready?

  • Video Introduction from Andrea Carter (The story behind our founder)
  • Who is this training for? What can I expect?
  • Let’s get to know each other! Introduce Yourself!
  • Video Introduction of Success Ambassador – Heather Cavanaugh
  • Video Introduction of Success Ambassador – Shannon Chilvers
  • Video Introduction of Success Ambassador – Melissa Kuan
  • Quick Start Guide & Road Map
Learn The Science, Psychology and Spirituality of Success
  • Discover The Science of Success
     – The Brain & The Biggest Factor Keeping You Stuck
    – How The Structure You’ll Be Creating Will Make The Impossible, Possible
  • Learn The Psychology of Success
     – Your Mindset and Thoughts Affect Your DNA
    – The Words You Use Shape Your Reality Daily
    – Your Imagination Can Be Harnessed For Incredible Results
  • The Spirituality of Success
     – What is Spirituality?
    – Knowing Oneself & Infinite Power
    – Your ‘Super Power’ Is Within You
Retrain Your Brain using The Inner Navigation Centre™
  • Why do we build a mental construct for success?
  • What is a mental construct for success?
  • How does the mental construct make a difference?
  • Exactly what you’re going to create in your Inner Navigation Centre™
  • How to create your Inner Navigation Centre
  • Let’s create your Inner Navigation Centre
  • Q & A – Debriefing Your Inner Navigation Centre™ Build
Discover The REAL way to use Gratitude To Increase Your Productivity
  • The Connection between Gratitude & Success
  • A Visceral Connection To Your Gratitude Muscle
  • The Upward Spiral of Gratitude
  • The Inner Navigation Centre™ Gratitude Experience
  • Q & A – Debriefing your Inner Navigation Centre™ Gratitude Experience
powerful results driven Visioning For Success
  • Visioning and Your Inner Navigation Centre™
  • Visioning and Your Brain
  • Preparing For Your Visioning Experience
  • The Inner Navigation Centre™ Visioning Experience
  • Q & A – Debriefing your Inner Navigation Centre™ Visioning Experience
Discover How To Slow Down So You Can Speed Up By Engaging Alpha Brain Waves
  • Rewiring Your Mind For Success
  • The 5 Senses & Your Reality
  • Engaging Your Alpha Brain Waves for Success
  • Pre-Framing Your Alpha Experience
  • Your Guided Alpha Experience
  • Q & A – Debriefing Your Alpha Experience
Find Your Centre & Ground your emotions
  •    The Power Of Emotion & Connection
  •    3 Specific Research Studies Proving Your Emotions Affect Your DNA
  •    Neuroscience and Psychology a direct correlation of your Reality
  •    The Steps To Connect with your Inner Navigation Centre™ Heart
  •    Let’s connect with your Inner Navigation Centre™ Heart
  •    Q & A – Debriefing Your Inner Navigation Centre™ Heart Experience
Discover a proven formula to master your physical fitness
  • The Paradigm Of Reality & Your Physical Connection
  • Creating A Visceral Connection To Your Physical Body
  • The Inner Navigation Centre™ Workout of Champions
  • Q & A – Debriefing Your Physical Connection in the Inner Navigation Centre™
Come out of hiding and reveal Your Unique Brilliance
  • Align Your Action Steps For Impact
  • Power Cultivating Words To Keep You In Action

My goals in learning Power To Thrive™ were to learn how to focus, how to set attainable goals and take action steps towards them instead of getting locked into overwhelm because of fear or negative beliefs.  It was a tall order.  

I loved every second.  I loved the real life examples and I learned a ton from the Question and Answer calls.  I wouldn’t change anything – I’m thrilled I opted in to work with a Mindset Ambassador.  Private sessions were incredible!

This body of work has truly changed my life. 

Helen Carmichael



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We’ve covered significant ground revealing the FREE Prolific Mindset Blueprint. What we’ve seen from client results, is that the next best step is to take our foundational training in the Power To Thrive™.

Why?  Consider the last book you read in personal or professional development, what have you implemented from that book yet?  Or the last workshop you attended how much have you put into practice?

The content you take away is great but usually most struggle with embodiment and implementation.  Often that happens because you don’t have the right tools or support to help you continue your best path forward.

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