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Wealthy Woman Warrior™ is the only company in Canada, that offers a full suite of private and corporate consulting, on and offline training, membership and collaborative support services tailored exclusively to the needs and aspirations of Canadian women so they can rise to relevancy and reach their economic potential – all by 2025.

We’ll stand beside you from

Idea to Creative Implementation

Desire to Driving Action

Assessment to Evaluation

Fixed to Prolific Mindset

Struggle to Success

At each step along the way we’ll:

Apply cutting-edge insights and mindset techniques steeped in science, psychology and spirituality aligning your purpose with action

Provide proven financial literacy training and support to uplevel your net worth and self worth

Help you demonstrate authentic communication skills needed for success both personally and professionally

Dive deep with you into the female leadership acumen for recognition, relevancy and results

Align you with the technology curve necessary to empower and sustain growth for years to come

All brought to you by professional Canadian women who’ve been through it and genuinely care about our

fellow Canadian women’s ability to reach economic potential and rise to relevancy.


One to one professional consulting and coaching for you to get started today. All of our Ambassadors are available for professional and corporate consulting, please click here so we can help you get started with the person best suited to you.


Over the next 6 months, you’ll see specific online training programs open in our five pillars; Prolific Mindset, Communication & Leadership, Financial Literacy, Sincere Sales, and Trusted Technology.

We’ll be delivering these online trainings throughout 2017 – 2018 on a regular scheduled basis with direct access to our Wealthy Woman Warrior™ Ambassadors.


Memberships – Opening December 2017!

Imagine having a team and training at your fingertips to help you put your dreams in motion to achieve your economic potential and your purpose.

We’ve got a line-up of awesome in-person and online meetings, speakers, online training, events and so much more…plus we actually have some amazing companies who will be sponsoring Wealthy Woman Warrior™ that will give you direct access to lowered fees on products and services you likely already need and use!

Click here to put your name on the advanced notification and special savings list to ensure you are included on all the tips, tools and training you’ll gain access to with our memberships!


Do you have a company that believes in the same vision as we do – that by empowering 1 million Canadian women to achieve their economic potential by 2025 we’ll make a huge impact on Canada and our global economy, all while helping our home grown women reach gender parity? We believe that collaboration is imperative for change and would love to hear from you!

Collaboration opportunities can occur
in many ways, here are some of them:

Can we feature an article or blog that you’ve written to help Canadian women in one of our 5 pillars (Communication & Leadership/Financial Literacy/Sincere Sales/Trusted Technology?

Do you have an awesome topic and helpful advice that we could do a lunch and learn or featured video interview with you that could be beneficial for our members?

Could you be a speaker at an upcoming live event?

Are you a larger company with an amazing service or product we can offer to our members at a special savings?

Are you an author, difference maker or leader that has a special interest in helping Canadian women reach their economic potential?

Are you a student who needs volunteer hours and wants to be a part of an amazing cause?

We want to help Canadian women by igniting collaboration and using trusted people, services and products in partnerships. If you’re someone we can trust,

so we can get to know you, vet you and work with you!

Get on our #CollaborateForChange List!

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