Recently I’ve been noticing many high-level executives and successful high-achieving entrepreneurs come clean about what’s been driving them.  With the current mess of the political climate, I had to laugh while attending a convention and hearing panellist Tony Schwartz, discuss on stage that he was “driven to dharma” by Donald Trump.

What exactly am I getting at here?  There’s a point that most highly successful people get to when they realize there’s more to success than meets the eye.

According to Ricardo Levy, chairman of Catalytica Energy Systems, most executives train for quick decisions and action. Contemplation is not part of the current rulebook. Which, is true for most professional designations and those who we consider successful in their field – so why all the burnout?  What is the switch cost factor most are paying?  What is the cost of leaning in so far that you’re falling flat on your face?

You are human – which means you are as much a physical being as you are a mental being.  You are also as far those attributes, as you are a spiritual being.  Spirituality does not mean practicing a religion – it means practicing humanness.

I love hearing that in Levy’s career, he discovered the need for spiritual guidance in crucial decisions.

Levy denoted that he uses these basic guidelines:

  • Quiet the mind.
  • Reach deep inside. Go beyond the ego to hear the inner voice.
  • Don’t fear ambiguity; rest in the unknown. “This is the most difficult piece,” Levy admitted because “most of us are not comfortable unless we see the path.”
  • Stay humble.

If you are not looking at your spiritual requirements, how to fuel your inner power – the time is now.  Look around you, by 2020 depression will become the leading cause of disability – worldwide.  Without looking for a spiritual practice that connects your mind, body and spirit, you’re likely holding yourself back from what you are capable of. Or you’re forcing your life and career to happen which will eventually suck the life out of you.

Success and happiness are not separate when spirituality is involved.  What simple practice can you begin today to incorporate spirituality into your daily life and career?



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