Remember when summer was a time to play, with no commitments? Do you want to have that laid back summer experience this year?

 My big ‘aha’

Over the years, one of my big ‘aha’ moments has been realizing that all the stuff I thought I needed to do either disappeared when I ignored it (obviously not important) or was still there when I returned to it.  The difference was that if I took time for myself, the stuff that still needed to be done was easier, less complicated and did not overwhelm me.

 Our lives are so much about lists, typically lists about what we need to do and by when.  For my family, we are fortunate to all come together at our lake cottage, where my husband and I live most of the time.  We believe it is a magical place where 3 generations do as little possible, other than enjoying each other’s company, laughing, eating great food and seeing the 5 young cousins connect in new and different ways.

 Lazy Days

How do we do as little as possible?  We keep life simple, which means simple fresh meals, simple house and simple expectations.  When we do this, we all thrive.


3 Tips to Thrive:


  • For us this means picking greens, tomatoes and fruit from the garden and buy everything fresh at the Farmers Market. We like to support our local community + everything is delicious!

  • Everyone pitches in with meal prep and setting the table where we enjoy every meal in a leisurely way.

  • We enjoy chilled crisp wines – rose is always good in the summer.

  • No structured classes for kids and minimal technology for all

  • Everyone enjoys free play at and on the water where kids connect with their friends from other summers, finding new and different ways to use their imagination.  Groupings of kids and house of choice rotate as the kids find new and different ways of creating their fantasy worlds.

  • We have board games, old clothes for dress up and art supplies as props for the kids to access when they want to.   


  • Summer is a great time to be kind to ourselves –enjoying time alone hiking, or reading in the hammock.  

  • I try to be intentional with my time and keep some of it just for myself – relaxing over a cup of tea, glass of wine or just some quiet time.  I find just giving myself 5-10 minutes of down time, fills me up and recharges my batteries.

  • Summertime means sandals, bathing suits, and shorts.  It is the one time of year where I like to indulge in a manicure/pedicure, facial, and/or massage.  This makes me feel soooo good.



I am moving towards podcasts especially when driving.  I still enjoy a good read at times too.

 Podcasts I am listening to:

  • Super Soul Sunday’s – Oprah’s interviews are always amazing with such interesting perspectives

  • Goop Podcast – informative self help

  • Caliphate – a narrative on ISIS by a NY Times journalist

  • TED’s Work Life with Adam Grant – like his perspective

  • Wealthy Woman Warrior Podcast – Andrea Carter and Heather Cavanagh share different mindset strategies that you can implement

  • Institute of Curiosity Podcast – This is new! My daughter Kirsten and I share our perspectives, experiences and conversation framework to step into conversations rather than away from them.

Books I have enjoyed recently:


  • What She Knew by Gillian MacMillan.  I found this to be a fantastic ‘who done it’.

  • The Neapolitan Novels by Elana Ferrante.  I loved this easy read of contrasts about two girls in the same town who live very different lives

  • Sapien: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari .  Easy read about the history of our species and I am not a history lover.


I have learned that wherever I spend my summer, these simple tips help me chill and relax.

What do you do to ensure your summertime thrives?


Kathy Taberner

Kathy Taberner

Co-Founder of The Institute Of Curiosity

Kathy Taberner is a retired occupational therapist, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with a MA in leadership and training.  With her daughter, she is a co-founder of the Institute of Curiosity and co-author of the ‘Power of Curiosity’. She is committed to supporting women to strive to become the dynamic and successful leaders they want to be.  Her research project for her Masters explored the leadership styles and emotional intelligence of senior female leaders in BC.

She and her husband of many years, share their time between the Okanagan and Vancouver.

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