Think about your work day for a moment.  

The moment you sit down at your desk, you’re either looking at a screen, paper or people. 

When you’re growing a business, you’re mapping, planning and executing. You’re envisioning at each stage of your day and the area of the brain that’s engaged and on overdrive, until you shut your eyes and go to sleep at night, is your visual cortex.

Regardless of how good your vision is, it’s the same area that is engaged when you imagine something in your mind’s eye.

While most business owners juggle tasks each day successfully, there’s an overwhelming number who burn out before they grow.  Research shows that this happens because they don’t have systems to help them maintain their energy consistently throughout the day or navigate interruptions or when things don’t go as planned. 

Burnout Happens When You Don’t Have A System


Eventually, not having a system to maintain your energy leads to just having low energy.  

 While that might be okay if you’re coasting, while you’re growing a business low energy leads to:

 – feeling like everyone else is passing you by, 

– your confidence taking a nosedive, 

– struggle to get people to believe in you, 

– struggle to get people to buy from you, support you, or follow you. 


So how can you maintain more energy throughout your day so that burnout doesn’t happen to you?

Build in a visual cortex break when you transition from task to task.  That means close your eyes and do this task transition technique.

Now before you grumble and tell me that you simply don’t have time to jam anything else into your day, I’m going to stop you.

This is a five minute break. If you can’t afford to build five minutes into your day so that you maintain your energy, the energy you need if you want your business to grow and make the impact you’re trying to achieve, you shouldn’t be in business.  

Sound harsh? What’s more harsh is what you’ll look like and feel like if you don’t do this and your business doesn’t grow!  

Ok, so back to the task transition technique.  

The Task Transition Technique

The reason you will do this between each task transition is because it’s in this space that you lose energy and momentum.  Each task you complete, you build tension while doing it.  Building tension decreases energy available to you. 

So if you have 15 tasks over your work day, building tension and losing energy and momentum between each, how great are you going to feel at the end of your day?  Week? Month? Where do you generate energy from to keep building your business?

Now, you’re thinking wow – hadn’t thought of it like that before!  While exercise, eating right and water all definitely help, practicing this task transition technique daily is going to help you so much more. 

I’ve literally had women business owners who were on what I call “burnout watch” skyrocket their energy and reserves so that they were back on track for personal and business growth. 

Here’s how to practice the Task Transition Technique:

  1. After you’ve finished a task, set a timer for 5 minutes.
  2. Close your eyes to give your visual cortex a break.  
  3. Envision your to do list with your eyes closed and mentally cross off the task you just did.
  4. Breath 5 deep breaths into your whole body, bringing more oxygen back to your brain.
  5. Envision your next task.
  6. See any distractions or challenges popping up
  7. Imagine yourself navigating the challenge so you complete the next task. 
  8. Feel a positive emotion (happiness, joy, excitement, pride) associated with the next task.
  9. Rinse and repeat.

Try practicing this today and at the end of the day notice how much more energy you have.  

Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

CEO & Founder of Wealthy Woman Warrior™

Andrea created her proprietary mindset training, Power To Thrive™ over 15 years ago. She now infuses it with business development and professional development training so women can reach their goals quickly and easily without burning out.

Andrea Carter is on a mission to empower 1 million women to ignite their professional potential by 2025.  She believes that through training, collaboration and proven habits all women can succeed.

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