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We celebrate our Wealthy Woman Warrior™ #TribeThrivers and we love that you want to share words of wisdom and wonderment while being part of the movement here in Canada!

“Wealthy Woman Warrior™ is about empowering women to reach their economic potential. For me, I wanted to create a program to help people who stutter speak more fluently and easily. This has become my reality. What I have received has been nothing less than phenomenal. I have learned her signature mindset tool that keeps me going, no matter what. Then I created my entire Easy Speaking for Stutterers platform, through step-by- step training, incorporating all of the key components required. This platform is sustainable and has multilevel income streams and scalability. #TribeThrive!”

Linda Hurkot, MSLP, RSLP, SLP(C)
Registered Speech Language Pathologist

“Wealthy Woman Warrior™ showed me how to be empowered economically in a way I’ve never considered. Andrea, you’ve opened my eyes to what it means to be the leader of my company and lead my vision forward. From shiny object syndrome to online technology funnels, I’ve got the important pieces in place now and I actually have become the leader of my team!! Yes! Power To Thrive™ helped me see where to focus and take action. Now I’m implementing and moving forward.”

Tracy Blehm
Lasya Fertility Centre

“Wealthy Woman Warrior is about helping women thrive in all aspects of life. For me, I needed tools to help me grow my Corporate Concierge business. What I got was so much more! Andrea helped to move me out of the fear that was paralyzing my growth and transformed the way I view my world. I now understand how powerful my mind is and I have these incredible mindset tools that keep me focused, positive and moving forward. #TribeThrive!”

Michelle Stainton
Your Girl Friday

“Wealthy Woman Warrior™ is an advocate for authors and difference makers in Canada. People always ask me, “How do you stay on track when there are so many factors distracting us from our goals?” working with Andrea brought another level to what this means to me and how to implement with aligned action. Now with two best-selling books, an online presence and virtual training available for my readers, the sky is the limit!”

Kara Deringer
Two-Time International Best Selling Author of “Chill” and “Chica” For Women Wanting to Live a Passionate, Powerful and Purposeful life.

“I now have a structure that changes how I do business, how I do relationships…how I do life.

The new ‘buzz term’ is emotional intelligence but the truth is that until you have something like this, you’ll never fully understand what that means.
If you want to step into your leadership, your success, your potential, the science of human relationships is the art form that needs attention.

Using Power To Thrive™, Wealthy Woman Warrior’s prolific mindset training program you can attain all of this, by doing it for yourself. This is the program that trains you ‘to fish’ so you have abundance for life.

My life is forever transformed!”


“There are lots of tools out there for visualization, what there isn’t is something tangible that you connect with.

We remember everything in events and visuals which means that to have a ‘place’ you can connect to at will mentally and spiritually, even when you physically can’t
escape from your situation or experience… it is an impactful way of changing your situation.

No matter what you’re faced with – using this you can be ready. It’s pre-training your brain and body for success. Factor in that it’s a place where forgiveness can occur, where healing happens, and where you leave behind the story of your past so that you’re success story can surface – it is Power To Thrive™!”

Family Doctor & Health Care Transformationist

I love the Inner Navigation System™, taught in Wealthy Woman Warrior’s prolific mindset training course called Power To Thrive™. Sometimes after using it, my relationships change immediately! This seems to work instantly and I totally love it. I can also easily see how it would help me show my clients how to play and manifest in their life in a very cool and fun way.

Wealthy Woman Warrior’s™prolific mindset training can be helpful in many many businesses. I can see people using it for manifesting goals, developing team, enhancing management communication, realizing goals for non-profits, and so many more options!

Wealthy Woman Warrior™ is a very original and cool concept! It can help people to transform their lives and businesses in a deep and profound way with lasting success.

Dr. Ellen DeLange-Ros
Business Coach & Specialist

The Inner Navigation Centre (INC) foundational tools that I learned from the Power To Thrive™ prolific mindset training program have helped me immensely in both my career development and business interactions. Without this process I would not have the leadership skills or the calm approach to change that is required of me in my career.

I found a foundation, that I use time and again, that works unlike anything else out there. I have the freedom to create my life and work so I thrive, doing what I love.

I recommend Power To Thrive™ prolific mindset training to anyone no matter what her or his occupation or situation. The INC system alone is well worth the cost of admission. This is a simple process that can be easily used anytime anywhere to help both professional and personal development.

Andrew Carter, CFP
Director of Private Client, Sun Life Financial

My goals in learning Power To Thrive™ were to learn how to focus, how to set attainable goals and take action steps towards them instead of getting locked into overwhelm because of fear or negative beliefs. It was a tall order.

I loved every second. I loved the real life examples and I learned a ton from the Question and Answer coaching. I wouldn’t change anything – I only wish I could work with Andrea or another Prolific Mindset Success Ambassador on a regular basis.

This body of work has truly changed my life.

H. Carmichael

I took Power To Thrive™ so that I could finally learn the skills to get into action. I was so tired of following run of the mill training programs that worked for others but I had no connection to it.

With Power To Thrive™, I learned my own mental construct, unique to me. It is unlike ANYTHING I have ever taken. I’m astounded by the transformation and what I’m capable of now.

I took the 2 day in person changes and then was given access to the online training. Within the 2 day training I had significant changes immediately. I’ve continued to use the virtual online training to focus on what I want and leave the drama behind. WOW. This is living!

K. Hanley

My colleague recommended Power To Thrive™. I did meditation and yoga before so I didn’t really know what or how this was going to be different.

Different it is. There is NOTHING like Power To Thrive™. I was blown away by how effective it is and I loved that I can viscerally connect to a mental construct using visualization tools.

I’m looking forward to advancing my skills. Tremendous experience and real practical application.

Corrie Poppenevich

I wanted to improve my strategic thinking. I’m an Engineer and there are so many facets in my work that happen all at once. I wanted to reduce my stress and improve my professional life.

The Power To Thrive™ delivered on so many levels. I have since begun working privately with Andrea and that took me to a whole new level. The work I’m producing has never been this creative. The facets of my work have never run so seamlessly. Wealthy Woman Warrior™ training programs will set your vision on fire!

Angela Elders

I know the power of your mind. I’ve read countless books and taken numerous classes. There is nothing like the Power of POWER TO THRIVE™! It’s all in the name!

Nola Sonofa

Thank you. I have learned so much from you and I can’t wait for the next course or offering that you do. This is so applicable and nothing compares!

Michelle Portelle

I have a new business startup. There are so many hats I’m wearing. I wanted something to help me organize my thoughts, stay focused and execute.

Power to Thrive™ exceeded my expectations. My business is on target and growing faster than I thought possible. I’ve hired 2 new staff to keep up with our growth. I will be sending them to Andrea! I would highly recommend companies bringing her in – she’ll transform your team instantly! Power To Thrive™ prolific mindset training is a game changer!

I wanted specific tools to help me create my reality. Sounds lofty but let’s face it science shows it’s what we do. I loved Power To Thrive™ prolific mindset training. I loved that I created my own mental construct. I love that I get to play and create and explore my life on my terms now. I love that it reinforced my belief in the power of the mind AND connected my heart and soul. This is beautiful work. Thank you so so so much!!

Natasha Paquettle

If you want to be the leader of your life, do not limit yourself. Wealthy Woman Warrior™’s Power To Thrive™ training program allows you the freedom to be anyone or anything you want…take the leap and be open minded – anyone can do this!

Trevor Scheible
Addiction Counselor & Therapist

This course was presented very well. I really enjoyed Andrea’s approach and clarity. Her laugh is contagious! The material is outstanding. FANTASTIC 2 day event!

Celeste MacArmer

Power To Thrive™ will open your mind and what you are capable of. Just take it. No one will be able to describe what you’ll get because it is totally all about you. I witnessed so many transformations.

K. Raas

Andrea – you are fantastic. Your approach and connection to the people who take the Power To Thrive™ course is incredible. I’ve never met anyone like you and have never seen work like this before. You’re a gem!

K. Richardson

I wanted to really learn how to get creative. I’m an artist so you’d think this would not be an issue but we all get stuck in our routines. The Power To Thrive™ opened my creativity in a level that nothing else can. I can’t wait to write and paint. I can’t wait to just physically create my next piece because it’s already been shown to me in my INC!

Harry Raas

I wanted to take Power To Thrive™ for my own personal growth. I was comparing myself to everyone else and taking myself out from succeeding at anything I was trying. I needed confidence.

This course allowed me to work through so much baggage in such a small amount of time. I feel calm. I feel powerful. I feel confident. Exceeded my expectations and beyond!

Mark Hendry

My goals for this course were to learn new techniques to get out of my own way. Although I found the construct challenging at first because I’m not great at imagining or using visualization – once I got over my belief that I couldn’t do it a whole new world opened. I was always told I was not creative. I now realize we are all creative, we just have not learned how. Power To Thrive™ showed me how. To get out of my own way I have to do things differently and this has given me the exact way out of my challenge! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lore Melucka

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