Studies show time and again that women become successful in business when they learn to master five core competencies. We call them pillars. Many Canadian women, however, may call them vulnerabilities. They struggle with these pillars and fail to get the adequate help they need at price points they can afford.

To prevent women from giving up on their dreams, Wealthy Woman Warrior™ provides guided step-by-step training through all five pillars. For over 15 years, our easy-to-understand, affordable courses have translated to millions in increased revenue for our trainees.We eliminate the confusion of taking a variety of courses from different places and provide you with the full suite of services that you need.

Get access to industry-approved methods and ready-to-use tools that you can utilize right away all under one platform! Whether you implement the knowledge yourself or use it to manage your team you will be qualified to execute all your business planning more effectively.

The Pillars

(Core competencies necessary for success)

Pillar #1: Mindset

Everything starts with mindset. To reach your economic potential, your mind will require creativity, innovation, and focus. Wealthy Woman Warrior™ developed a proprietary program called Power to Thrive™. This trains you to move from fixed, limiting beliefs to prolific strategic thinking that you can apply in your business and personal life!

Pillar #3 – Sales

As a successful woman entrepreneur, sales and marketing are likely built into your focus 70% of the time. If you’re a corporate professional selling your brand and value, sales is also critical to your success and advancement in the workplace. If you tend to shy away from sales because you perceive selling as being too pushy, forceful or insincere, it’s time for a change. Learn effective sales strategies that will improve your profitability. We teamed up with the best sales trainers who’ve not only coached top executives but also entrepreneurs. We believe in them because they’re implementing the top accredited sales training in North America, based on the Sandler method, and then customized for women. Learn how to effectively ask for the sale sincerely specific to your target market.

Pillar # 5 - Technology

To stay in business, adoption of current technologies is a must. The fast pace evolution of technology sometimes means a steep and costly learning curve is required to stay relevant and competitive. If you feel stuck on how to deliver your products and services efficiently, using today’s technology, our training programs will equip you to move forward with confidence. Stop wasting money in areas that don’t help you and learn the strategy of building out your business structure for growth.

Pillar #2 – Communication & Leadership

Studies shows that it will take another 100 years to achieve gender parity. We believe learning to effectively communicate and collaborate is the foundation to leveraging yourself up the corporate ladder, or taking your business from a small idea to a global brand. Use our communication and leadership training to transform the way you communicate and present yourself in business.

Pillar #4 - Financial Literacy

If numbers scare you, we can fix that. Statistics show that only 2% of women-owned companies make seven figures because they don’t know their numbers. If you’re working long hours but not achieving economic success, our courses will guide you from the ground up. Single women (by choice or circumstance) often report feeling paralyzed and overwhelmed by finance literacy. Our expert trainers show you how to start wherever you are and gently teach you what you need to know to be financially literate.


Mindset sets the foundation for all other work so we strongly recommend all trainees start with the mindset program before moving onto other pillars.

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Prolific Mindset Training

1. Power To Thrive™ - Foundational Prolific Mindset Training
8 Modules

Module 1

The Science, Psychology and Spirituality of Success

Module 2

The Alpha Brain & Mind

Module 3

The Inner Navigation Centre™

Module 4

The Inner Navigation Centre™ Heart

Module 5

The Inner Navigation Centre™ Gratitude Room

Module 6

The Inner Navigation Centre™ and Physical Connection

Module 7

The Inner Navigation Centre and Visioning For Success

Module 8

What Happens After Power To Thrive™

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