Money powers our lives – whether we like it or not.   It is a resource that we can control and manage – but often times I think we feel like it controls us.

And all too often money takes a back seat to everything else. 

So many women, myself included, are in a state of overwhelm.

We have so much to do.  For me as a business owner, there is sales, client service, payroll to make and rent to pay.  Oh yeah and social media, webinars, blog posts and, and and.

For those of you with children, the combo of practices, games/performances on top of work or running a business- yowzers – I don’t know how you do it!

And honestly, despite all the blogs, memes and testimonials to the contrary, I don’t think taking a deep breathe in and a slow exhale is going to get me out of it!

So, here is THE conundrum.   

The very thing we need in our lives to fuel everything – pay for our home, our car, the very activities for our children that are adding to our overwhelm including the annual Disney vacation – is the last thing many women pay attention to.

Maybe you have “delegated” this to your partner or just give it enough attention to not get into trouble.

But do you have this jiggly voice in the back of your mind that tells you … “I need to get control of my money”…

That voice that says, ” how do I figure out how to make money work for me?”

That voice that keeps coming back to, the worry of that one thing that will send you over the edge…

Well, you are not alone.

So many women, just like you, are facing this confluence of crazy and realize that taking the step of owning their money and getting some tools and support is where it simply begins.

I find that the trick is to chunk it down.   Lay out the steps you need to take and then just take one step at a time.   Before you know it, you will have what you need.

The result is gaining control of your money so that it only impacts your life in a positive way.

I developed the Burn Your Budget ebook for those that need help with their journey.  Just a 15 minute read and you can be on your way!   So, take a deep breath 🙂 and get started!

Wendy Brookhouse

Wendy Brookhouse

Financial Expert, Innovator, Author, Business Owner, Lover of Fun, Wealth Ambassador

With the audacious goal of changing a million lives through finances, Wendy saw a gap in the market and developed the One Number Solution™, a unique system which focuses on planning with behavioral finance tenants in mind.   People need to see how to have a financially successful today while planning for tomorrow.

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