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Episode 1 - 8 Ways To Be A Better Person & Why You Want To!

There is a very real perfection epidemic that is plaguing GenXer women right now – in trying to achieve perfection we’re often struggling to feel good within our soul. Our first episode is all about how you can be a better person without needing to be perfect.

Episode 3 - Great Intentions & Recovering From Blame

Have you ever had the best of intentions that were foiled? What about being blamed for something that was out of your control? Recovering and moving forward is essential. Find out how in this episode!

Episode 5 - Mindset & Genetic Makeup, Lack of Confidence & How To Break Free From Your Family Mindset & Problems

Have you ever wondered how your family genes and dispositions are affecting your mindset and success? What about the struggle you’ve been trying to overcome with confidence? In Episode 6 we dig in to some awesome ways to overcome it all.

Episode 2 - Focus, Naysayers & Real Mindset tools!

Are you a woman GenXer that’s juggling a ton while trying to become the best version of yourself? This episode is all about how to stay focused, shake off the naysayers keeping you stuck and give you some real practical tools to help you achieve the personal, professional and economic potential you know you deserve.

Episode 4 - Blue Monday, How To Stop Procrastinating & Do Women Struggle With Mindset More Than Men?

Have you ever wondered, “How can I stop procrastinating” or “Do women struggle with mindset more than men”? This episode is going to dive into the nitty gritty and answer those two questions while we peel back the steps on how to avoid Blue Monday! Enjoy – this one is a must listen to!

Episode 6 - How Does Mindset Create Success & How Do I Let Go Of The Past?

Understanding how your mindset shapes your success and results can transform what you think about, what you expect in your life and what you choose to focus on. It’s amazing what you’re capable of when you train your thoughts to work for you! It’s also the similar to how you let go of your past so that it stops influencing your future! Join us and discover how your mind is a powerful processor for converting potential into results!

Each week we’ll be adding a podcast on Sunday evening. Stay tuned for more!
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