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Have you ever wondered what happened to your fluent speech?  You didn’t always stutter and you don’t always now.  Sometimes you are fluent, very fluent in many sentences. So if you can be fluent at different times in different situations, what interrupts this?  What triggers your stuttering?

Could this mean that by identifying those interruptions and casting a different perspective on them – that you would speak more fluently?


A Different Perspective On What Sustains Your Stuttering-

This Could Surprise You

You likely have identified several factors that interfere with your fluency.  But what’s more difficult is what to do about them once they are identified.

Let’s take a different perspective on what these interruptions to fluency could be.

Could it be that a simple change in perspective that deflates the influence that your stutter has over you?


Speaking and Anxiety

Anxiety Is a distress or uneasiness of your mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune.

When you have a constant level of anxiety, this lingering feeling becomes comfortable…it becomes the norm.

Anxiety immediately protects you every time you speak. It is, in fact, blocking your fluent speech.

Anxiety blocks fluency and supports stuttering.

By having tools to release and dissolve anxiety and tension, you are opening the path toward easy speaking.


Speaking and What Others Think

What others think about us is often foremost in our minds.

What others think can control how we act, what we say and how we think.

Our own thoughts and actions are limited by what others think.

The important thing to remember is that you know what is best for you.  You have the solution to your stuttering already.

When you step into a place of no judgment, you’ll discover what’s best for you.  You’ll see how easy it is to be fluent…it’s so liberating.


Speaking and Sound/Word Blocks

As humans, when something is hard or always stopping us, we avoid it.  But avoiding takes focus. You need to constantly be aware of what you want to avoid.

As for speaking, it’s impossible to focus on all the sounds in the words that you want to say.  Being highly alert to the sounds that you want to avoid creates so much tension.

In reality, though, you can very likely say any sound.

The fear comes from the meaning or memory that the word has for you. So when that word has a strong memory or emotion attached to it, you are more likely to stutter. And the first sound of that word can be the most difficult to say.

Wealthy Woman Warrior - Linda Hurkot - Fluency for stutterers

Speaking and Embarrassing Memories

Remember a time when you stuttered and were really embarrassed?  You clearly recall the time, place, who was there and what happened.  That memory is vivid and it pops into your mind in full colour and action.

When another similar experience is about to happen, you relive this past memory instantly. It’s as if you were right back in that place of shame and embarrassment. Your stuttering is locked in here.

Tools are available to disconnect from the trauma of this memory and thereby releasing your fluency.


Speaking and A Chaotic Mind

The mind of a Woman Who Stutters is very active, able to observe and process many factors at once.

In spite of this bombardment of information, you are trying to speak fluently.

By changing your focus to the conversation, engaging and listening, your thoughts will be clearer and less encumbered.

You’ll reconnect to the smooth and easy “thought-speak-listen cycle” that is so easy for women who don’t stutter.

Imagine your clarity of mind, only focusing on the conversation.


Uncovering Your Natural Fluency:

A Simple and Familiar Relaxation Technique


Have you ever held your head in your hands out of pure frustration?  You know how comforting and relaxing this feels.

It calms you instantly by releasing stress throughout your whole body.  The focus of this technique in the brain is the amygdala complex and it actively monitors our stress levels. It is often in a permanent state of stress.


Follow these steps to de-stress the amygdala for your own relaxation and comfort.


  1. Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit and gently close your eyes.
  2. Place your hands flat against the sides of your head, just above your ears, fingers pointing toward the back.
  3. Imagine a flow of current from each hand penetrating your brain, meeting at the center…at the amygdala complex.
  4. Notice how calm and relaxed your amygdala is, bathing in these relaxing frequencies.
  5. Now notice the flow of relaxation as it travels thought out your whole body and mind.
  6. Hold this position for a minute or two, taking a few slow breaths.
  7. Repeat a few times each day.


Over time, your body will quickly recognize this relaxed and calm feeling.

As your anxiety is diminished, your speech flows naturally.


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Linda Hurkot is a communication enhancement ambassador for People Who Stutter, specializing in women who stutter. Linda helps professional women who stutter integrate speech into a natural way of communicating with a proprietary program called, The Easy Speaking for Stutterers’ program. You can take a sneak peek inside the training centre where I’m delivering content on communication by clicking here