What is a personal development plan and why do you need one?

I recently attended a retreat where the speaker said there were only five reasons why women buy personal growth programs. She called it a 5 Foundational Model To Happiness. She said women start personal development…

  • To make more money
  • To find love, connection (and sex)
  • To get thinner and healthier
  • To feel more important
  • And to prolong life

According to her, everything in personal development ultimately leads to these five foundational human desires.

And while these reasons make sense, I believe that for most women they only motivate the initial steps of the journey.

You see, I’ve interviewed and spent a ton of time speaking with women and the one thing each one has prided herself on, is the amount of time she’s spent on development, education and her skill set.  So while those human desires are critical, most women are still searching for something more.  They want meaning, fulfillment and have a deep burning desire to be valued for what they’ve learned and are giving back to the world.

So why are so many women struggling to have their desires met?

Better yet, why are women at an all-time high for skills and education, but at an all-time low for fulfillment and happiness?

I believe it’s because women are putting everyone and everything ahead of personal growth and development – not the kind of skills and development you learn in school but the content that actually fills your soul and nourishes your mind.  The content that helps a woman uncover what is unique about her and what she’s bringing to the world.  The content that helps a woman quiet the doubt, insecurity and whispers of not being enough or doing enough.

What I’ve discovered from countless success stories is that women who spend time on their personal growth and mind, have made it a fundamental part of their day and life. They’ve learned that the more you get into your personal growth and mindset development, the more your life flourishes in all areas.  Not only that but they’re discovering success, love, fulfillment and happiness can all be rolled into one, without the push and need to force things to happen.

So what’s happening here? Why is there only a select few who seem to have it all together?

You see, the model most women have adopted is a model where at some point she puts everyone else above herself, believing that once she has one area of her life ‘in control’, she’ll bring her focus back to herself…and in the meantime she’s burning out and driving herself into further misery.

Because the truth is: There is no end to your growth and if you’re putting your growth on hold, your stunting your happiness and fulfillment.

The human mind is built with an infinite capacity for growth. This is why the most successful and self-actualized people on the planet will tell you that growth is actually the end goal.

They’ll tell you that life isn’t just gaining money, success or recognition. They’ll tell you that it’s even more than studying or attending a workshop hoping that the information will “fix” your life for good.  They’ll tell you that there is no such thing as a means to an end.

 Instead, the goal becomes growth itself.

When growth becomes the goal, fulfillment and happiness flow into your life while you rise up the corporate ladder, build your business, raise your family, fall madly in love over and over with the same partner, and reap the rewards of sharing your knowledge and skills with others.

Life-long growth is part of your DNA.  In fact, your business or career are a vehicle for growth.  Your family and relationships are a vehicle for growth.  Your experiences and passions and paths you take are all simply a means to transport you from one level of understanding and mindset to the next.  You never stop learning and you never stop the need to develop your mind and growth.

For women, the most critical part of learning about why self growth and development is so important is that it takes the focus off the outcome and back onto personal growth.

These women live a growth-focused lifestyle.

They live to explore exciting new things…

They are constantly reinventing themselves as they grow…

They go on mind-blowing adventures…

They give back in phenomenal ways…

And they discover the comfort in the discomfort of change.

They are pursuing growth for the love of growth — knowing that money, success, and recognition are simply the byproducts of that growth itself.

So if you’re feeling stuck, if you’re in the 5th Stage of Mindset, what I call the Up-Level, the pain you’re feeling, the desire to move forward, the need to be recognized and valued, the key to obtaining it along with happiness and fulfillment, will come when you put your personal growth first.

Tony Robbins may have said it best when he said that, “our soul’s two spiritual needs are the need to grow and the need to contribute”.

When you approach success, happiness and fulfillment from this perspective — with your growth being the primary focus you will finally connect to the life you’re craving now.

So take this information and instead of just being motivated by it, make a commitment to yourself to grow.  Then, revel in the delight as your life expands in an extraordinary way that only happens when you invest in your growth-focused life.

Take your growth to the next level and join the Prolific Mindset Blueprint while it’s still free.  It’s the perfect growth-focused masterclass to help you create your path to happiness and fulfillment.  Isn’t it time to put your personal growth first and dive into a growth focused life?

Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

CEO & Founder of Wealthy Woman Warrior™

Andrea created her proprietary mindset training, Power To Thrive™ over 15 years ago. She now infuses it with business development and professional development training so women can reach their goals quickly and easily without burning out.

Andrea Carter is on a mission to empower 1 million women to ignite their professional potential by 2025.  She believes that through training, collaboration and proven habits all women can succeed.

Check out her TedX Talk on the Pivot To Gender Parity Today!

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