Women Making A Difference

Women In Finance

Lillian Ferndriger

VP of National Accounts, Ninepoint Partners 

Lillian Ferndriger is Vice President, National Accounts at Ninepoint Partners. Lillian is the firm’s lead on product approvals, working closely with senior analysts and decision makers at IIROC, EMD and MFDA dealerships, providing education and securing distribution of Ninepoint’s alternative investment solutions – including private debt, options overlaid mutual funds and resource funds.

Lillian has over 15 years experience in financial services. She has been responsible for Ninepoint product approvals for the past 4 years. Previous roles include Inside Sales Manager at Sun Life Global Investments, and inside wholesaler at Manulife Investments and Acuity Funds. Lillian has her Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto and the FMA designation from the Canadian Securities Institute.

Lillian’s perspective on helping women thrive and the impact it has on generations to come:

By helping half the population thrive, by definition you will increase our global GDP. Educating and supporting women now means that you are ushering in the next generation without burdening them with the baggage of prior generations’ misconceptions. This will allow them to celebrate everyone’s contribution, regardless of gender, to make the world a more prosperous place for everyone.”

Visit Ninepoint Partners: www.ninepoint.com

Elizabeth Naumovski

CEO & Founder of Finance Is Personal TV Program

Elizabeth is a passionate advocate for women’s financial literacy programs.

She believed so deeply in helping women understand life experiences, as they relate to financial issues, that she created ‘Finance Is Personal’ a television show for Canadian women.

In 2019, Elizabeth was awarded the Wealth Professional Financial Literacy Champion Award for her outstanding contributions.

Elizabeth is a seasoned moderator and emcee. She has moderated panels for the Canadian Securities Exchange, Women In Capital Markets & DeGroote Women’s Professional Network.

Elizabeth has climbed Stromboli, an active volcano, has hiked through the Dolomites in Italy, snorkeled through Silfra Fissure & hiked and climbed a glacier in Iceland.

As a way of giving back she mentors young women and donates blood to Canadian Blood Services every 84 days.

Watch an episode of ‘Finance Is Personal Today!’

Ann Kaplan

CEO & President of iFinance Canada

Dr. Ann Kaplan holds a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration), Masters In Business (MBA), Master in Science (MSc.) and a Corporate Governance Designation (CD.D.)

Ann is the CEO & President of IFinance Canada Inc., the parent company to Medicard, Petcard, Dentalcard, iFinance Tech and iFinance Home Improvement – a North American consumer finance company – she has taken the Company from Start-Up (1996) to one of the largest consumer finance companies in Canada with loan applications exceeding $1B.

Throughout her career in financing, she has won numerous awards for outstanding leadership and excellence in business.

Ann is an advocate for women’s advancement.  She is a mentor, collaborator and woman of influence.

“It’s not about winning or losing; it’s about staying true to yourself in the process”


Jackie Porter

Carte Financial Services

 Jackie Porter is an award-winning financial planner who has been in the financial industry for the past 18 years serving thousands of families, established businesses, and professionals in the GTA. She also helps professionals who are experiencing a life change by receiving a settlement or severance package. Her practice focuses on cash flow management and tax planning. She is a featured speaker and advocates for numerous corporate, professional and charitable organizations.

In her role as a certified financial planner, she helps busy professionals make informed decisions by helping them to see their financial circumstances clearly. This is accomplished by working with her client’s “team of advisors” to create a “360” degree snapshot of their current and future financial circumstances. In addition, Jackie specializes in helping professionals who are experiencing a life change by receiving a settlement or severance package.


Women In Law

Heather Pearce Campbell

Attorney & Legal Coach

CEO of Legal Website Warrior®

As an attorney & legal coach, Heather Pearce Campbell, The LEGAL WEBSITE WARRIOR®, is fiercely committed to protecting world- changing entrepreneurs and small businesses.

She advises her clients on a variety of issues that confront modern businesses, including cybersecurity and protecting their online content, services and intellectual property, implementing proper contracts to protect their work and relationships with clients, and asset and risk management. Heather also offers customized legal tools and contracts to entrepreneurs (information entrepreneurs, i.e. coaches, consultants, online educators, speakers, authors, etc.), and through her strategic coaching, empowers entrepreneurs and small business owners to more powerfully lead their businesses.

She is on a mission to transform the way legal support is delivered to entrepreneurs and small businesses owners throughout the United States (and beyond, for international business owners with businesses located in the U.S.). Heather is a lifelong entrepreneur, mom to 2 strong-minded littles, and wife to a biochemist. She hoards information, paper, and books while secretly dreaming of becoming a minimalist, and relishes an occasional rare night with her hubby when the kiddos are miraculously asleep and she can soak up HGTV without guilt.

Want to know how to protect your online content, digital products and business?  Click here now

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” -Paulo Coelho

Meghan Dillon

Partner at Bereskin & Parr LLP

Meghan Dillon is a partner, lawyer and registered trademark agent at Bereskin & Parr LLP.

Meghan’s practice focuses on all aspects of brand protection. Her trademark practice includes providing opinions and advice on registrability, filing and prosecuting applications. She is a member of the Trademark Examination Board and past Chair of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada’s (IPIC) Trademark Agent Training Course Committee. 

In 2017, Meghan was nominated and shortlisted in the Rising Star: IP category in Euromoney Legal Media Group Women in Business Law Awards.

Meghan volunteers her time, mentoring young professionals, both those in the trademark profession as well as entrepreneurs just beginning to understand the need to protect their intellectual property rights.  

Email: mdillon@bereskinparr.com

Women In Consulting

Maude Bombardier

CEO & Founder of The Laughing Hour

A driven optimist on a mission to sparkle joy everywhere she goes, Maude Bombardier is the founder of The Laughing Hour.

Launched in 2018, her company offers a unique team-building experience increasing productivity, effective communication, and stress management through… laughter!

Maude’s passion for promoting well-being goes beyond The Laughing Hour. This entrepreneur and international best seller author graduated with a degree in Psychology at Bishop’s University after studying for two years in Early Childhood and Elementary Education at Concordia University.

She had a French happiness radio show that aired weekly in Edmonton where she talked about various scientific studies suggesting how to flourish happiness in your own life. A strong believer in giving back, Maude volunteers at a hospice and sat on many board of directors. She does not pretend she’s a happiness expert, but rather an eternal student that loves sharing and learning on the subject of laughter, well-being, and a balanced life.

PS. Maude is pronounced like “Beast Mode” or “Happy Mode”.

Need some extra motivation this week?  Click here for help from Maude!

Linda Hurkot

CEO & Founder of Stop Stuttering Now

“H-H-H-iiii, I-I-Im M-M-M-Mark.” This is what stuttering looks like and sounds like to the listener.

But if you stutter when you speak, a whole flood of feelings ranging from frustration, shame, unintelligence to extreme anxiety fills your body.

Being assigned to stutter on purpose in a stuttering course was most excruciating. I still remember that feeling, even now. This feeling has intrigued me to develop and deliver a program for People Who Stutter (PWS) that is natural, integrated, effective and most of all sustainable.

Every person has a natural speech production system, including PWS. What happens then, when stuttering interferes with natural fluency? I needed to know! Discovering rather simple solutions to speaking and the elements that support communication, led me on this amazing journey.

Not only do people who could not express themselves freely, feel the satisfaction, freedom and joy of effortless speech, I feel it too.

Shelly Elsliger

Founder of Linked-Express

Shelly Elsliger is an engaging LinkedIn Trainer and President of Linked-Express. She coaches aspiring women leaders; inspiring them to maximize their professional branding potential and social influence on LinkedIn.

She is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), recognized as a Woman you Need to Know by the National Women Speakers Association, a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, and made it to the list of globally recognized LinkedIn Training Experts in 2017.

Shelly’s diverse experience as a professional LinkedIn Trainer and Coach allows her to bring a unique breadth of knowledge, as well as an aspect of fun and passion, to all her workshops and speaking engagements especially “LinkedIn in High-Heels: Rise Up and Lead Online”; her signature workshop aimed at helping women business leaders successfully rise up, own their space and find their voice online.

“Instead of waiting to be noticed first, be a Leader in your space-Lean-In, Listen-In, and Link-In!”

Empowering women and achieving gender equality are crucial to creating inclusiveness, openness, and prosperous societies. Only through action will we create equal space (off and now online as well) for women to build the skills and confidence of women to achieve their potential and have more influence over decisions that affect their lives personally and professionally.

Maria Gagliardi

Photographer & Producer for Black Ram Media Group Inc.

I am a photographer and producer at Black Ram Media. A production company where we help artists stick to their vision and help pursue their passion.

Robin Keehn

Founder of Quiting Culture

Robin is the founder of the Quitting Culture.

She helps women & men get clear on their purpose and identify & quit all the things that get in the way of achieving it.

A former music & dance studio owner, mom to 4 kids and business coach, Robin knows the impact unintentional and intentional quitting have on our experience of ourselves & our lives.

Unintentional quitting (giving up) leaves us feeling guilty, ashamed & self-critical. Intentional quitting (accountably ending commitments, promises & agreements) leaves us feeling empowered, free and confident.

Through coaching, accountability & masterminds, Robin offers clear direction & support to people wanting to live with greater impact, freedom and joy.

Want to break free from the guilt of overcommitting and quiting?  Click here to start today.

“You can live with more joy & confidence when you accountably end unnecessary commitments and honour your most important goals & purpose.”

Cindy Needham

CEO & Founder of Thrive The Climb

Cindy is a breast cancer, double mastectomy survivor.

She has a diverse background in health and wellness, and has always been fascinated with the mind, body, and spirit connection.

Her Mindset Coaching Program ~You Are a Warrior, Blog ~Thrive the Climb and Book ~The Pink Mountain, have helped myriads of women become warriors against cancer.

Surviving breast cancer revealed to Cindy, her true purpose in life. It is her mission to help others find their inner warrior, so they can crush the chaos of the Pink Mountain and thrive their climb.

Cindy’s strength and empowerment come in part from her daily meditation routine, whereby she expresses her gratitude. Her favourite way to start the day is by saying “I, Cindy, am grateful for here and now.”

Cindy loves spending time with nature, whether it be hiking, camping, or biking. She lives in Red Deer with her partner Cheryl of nineteen-plus years, and their two very spoiled dogs, Rusty and Ringo.

Cindy’s Thrive The Climb book will be released in the winter 2020 which speaks to women in corporate who are diagnosed with breast cancer to help them thive through the shock, the treatment and the next stages of living.

“Keep shining beautiful one. The world needs your light.” ~ Unknown

Karen Rowe

CEO of Front Rowe Seat & Best-Selling Author

A #1 International Bestselling author, Karen Rowe is the owner of Front Rowe Seat, a full service writing firm. She is an expert in nonfiction and can help you position yourself as a Leading Authority in your niche.

Karen develops professionally written and designed books, done-for-you. Her clients include actors, a retired FBI Agent,  Reality TV stars, entrepreneurs with online empires and some of the top self-help leaders in the industry.

Her mission is to help you find your voice and uncover your own unique and powerful story to create an instant connection with your marketplace.

Want to learn the secrets Karen shares with her most connected clients so they can write a book in 6 weeks or less?  Click here

“The book that changes your life the most is not a book you read — it’s the book you write.”

Women are smart, empathetic, intuitive and resilient and there is a severe lack of this in our marketplace right now. Women have also spent generations in the support role. Now more than ever, as we are stepping into our power and into the forefront, it’s important to be in community to support others to thrive.

Chantel Soumis

Founder & Creative Director of Stardust Creative LLC

Chantel Soumis is an inspirational advocate for the differently-abled community and top LinkedIn Creator with over 30k organic followers in one year.

Chantel is also the Founder and Creative Director of Stardust Creative LLC, a brand agency focused on embracing differences through personal and corporate branding.

She’s spoken at VidCon as one of the first LinkedIn video creators as well as at international conferences in LA, London, Dallas, and more.

Chantel spreads awareness, hope, and inspiration to those around the world fighting for acceptance by sharing the hidden struggles of differently-abled community.

By administering an attitude of gratitude, Chantel has overcome severe obstacles and spends a substantial portion of her time coaching others to accept and believe in themselves, and to treat one another with dignity and value, recognizing we are all brothers and sisters of the human race.

Angella Thompson

Co-founder of Achieve True Health

Angella Thompson, co-founder of Achieve True Health, is passionate about advancing preventive, affordable health care and educating people about natural and preventive wellness alternatives.

In her current role as Managing Director of Achieve True Health (ATH), a personal health and wellness organization, she works with Dr. Turbide to empower others to improve their lives, sustain their health naturally and to connect patients to competent and affordable healthcare professionals.

“When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies? Perhaps to be too practical is madness. To surrender dreams — this may be madness. Too much sanity may be madness — and maddest of all: to see life as it is, and not as it should be!” Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Empowerment of women is necessary to deal with gender-inequality issues making the world a better place for everyone. Through Active True Health I hope that we can support that daily journey and transform what is possible for women’s achievements.

Click here to find out more

Watch the Interview with Angella & Andrea

Women in Design & Real Estate

Meghan Carter

Meghan Carter Designs

“There is a profound relationship between the spaces we inhabit physically and those that we live in emotionally. 

Interior design should raise us up and inspire us; fundamentally transforming our psychological landscape.”

Great design is achieved through the balance of imagination and function. My team approaches each project with a thoughtful process, freeing us to develop and orchestrate intelligent design solutions for our Clients. My goal is to always deliver meticulously curated interiors that both reflect my Clients’ personalities and enrich their lives.

Meghan completed her Interior Design education at the International Academy of Design in Toronto. She has worked with several Toronto design firms including Cecconi Simone Inc., SR/M Design Inc. and Patti Rosati Interior Design. Established in 2007, Meghan Carter Design has enjoyed great success working with an array of wonderful clients. She attributes the success of Meghan Carter Design Inc. to the firm’s ability to effectively integrate creative design and problem solving with business and client service discipline.

Gillian Ritchie

Broker & Founder of Red Square Team, Royal LePage Real Estate

As the founder of the Red Square Team, Gillian Ritchie is delighted to work side-by-side with a core team who hold the same professional values as herself.

Gillian applies her years of experience in corporate sales, hands-on experience building, selling, renovating, and decorating homes, and accreditations in both Interior Design and Staging to every relationship she builds.

Gillian’s success is in part due to her dedication to her clients; she is known for her warmth, energy, authenticity, and complete commitment. Always keeping her clients’ interests top of mind, she offers an in-depth knowledge of the local market. Her endless energy and expertise go above and beyond to make real estate dreams a reality. Her goal is always about creating a seamless, positive, and profitable experience for her clients.

Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Gillian now lives in the west end of Toronto with her husband and three young kids, who all enjoy what Greater Toronto has to offer!

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