Do you think that your stutter is interruptive?

Do you feel embarrassed and ashamed when you stutter?

Well, what if you looked at another side of stuttering?  What if you put a positive spin on your stutter to discover how it can help you?

What is really happening when you stutter is that you engage the listener, connecting with them and sharing your thoughts and ideas.

Often Women Who Stutter feel that their stutter causes shame and embarrassment for them and the listener. And that can be very true.  However, the listener may not notice those emotions because they are listening to you and what you are saying.

So when you realize that the listener isn’t reacting to these feelings, then you can relax and let them go too.

So Advertise that You Stutter


Only 1% of the adult population worldwide stutters.  Of that 1%, only 20% of that category is female.

So the chances of a fluent speaker actually talking with someone who stutters is quite rare.

Most people won’t know that what they are hearing is stuttering, They will notice, however, that there is something different in how you are speaking.

When a fluent speaker hears someone stuttering: a repetition, block, facial tic or excessive hand movements, they become anxious and confused.

When stuttering is understood, though, the natural connection and flow of conversation automatically happen.


  • It gives you courage, tenacity and determination
    • You’ve been building these strong traits with every communication situation that you have ever had.
  • It distinguishes you.
    • By it drawing attention to you, you have a great opportunity to share more about who you are, how you think, and to ask some curious questions
  • It fuels your mental alertness and agility,
    • It builds problem-solving skills and your ability to think in the moment.
    • You have a distinct advantage in mental quickness over others who are fluent.
    • Your mental skills allow you to capture the conversation with unique perspectives and insights.Wealthy Woman Warrior - Linda Hurkot - Women who stutter
  • It mobilizes you to go outside your place of safety and comfort.
    • And discover that it is better than you first thought.
    • When we think about moving beyond our zone of protection, it seems unnerving.
    • However, for Women Who Stutter, your comfort zone isn’t all that comfortable as it is anyway.
    • So you are probably prepared, in a way, to step over that comfort boundary, only to find that it’s not so bad.
    • Now isn’t this a relatively smooth transition out of your comfort zone to see what is on the other side?!


Use This Easy Expression

 Make Your Positive Impression Instantly

What is an expression that is easily understood across cultures?

A Smile!

When you smile, your whole face shows brightness, pleasure and joy.

Now listen to your voice when you are talking.

Can you hear the lightness and warmth?

You can hear that smile in your voice, just by smiling when you talk.

Yes, whether you are talking on the phone or in person, your smile will be obvious.


Ready For An Experiment?

The Smile Experiment

Find Out What It Can Do For You and Your Stutter

  1. Daily, for 7 days, smile to 10 people when you see them and talk with them, either in person or on the phone.
    1. Communicating by text and email doesn’t count.
    2. Be creative in your interactions.
    3. Remember to smile.
  2. Make a note or voice memo to each person that you smile to.
    1. Briefly, comment on their reaction and yours.
  3. At the end of the week, notice how you feel –
    1. less tension and anxiety? fewer dysfluencies?  easier connections? more engaged conversations?

This simple action, a smile, will change how you feel about your self and your stutter.

You will literally make an Instant Outstanding Impression!


Linda Hurkot is a communication enhancement ambassador for People Who Stutter, specializing in women who stutter. Linda helps professional women who stutter integrate speech into a natural way of communicating with a proprietary program called, The Easy Speaking for Stutterers’ program. You can take a sneak peek inside the training centre where I’m delivering content on communication by clicking here