What Would You Feel Like If Your Brain Was Balanced? Can You To Think Back…

…to a moment when your brain was relaxed, clear and balanced?

…. or when your thoughts were active, abundant and creative.

Can you think of a time when your thoughts and natural speech system had no:

  • interruptions,
  • distractions,
  • anxiety,
  • word searches to avoid stuttering,
  • concern about the other’s reactions?

When your brain is connected – both hemispheres – its all available – to you.

Your left brain with it’s logic, language and analytic thought, joins with your right brain using its creativity, intuition and holistic thought,

When these brain functions are combined as a whole, your natural fluent speech processes are ready to be used.

Benefits of Your Brain In Balance:

Whole Brain Connection = Stress Relief

Our lives are often very stressful.  If you are a Woman Who Stutters, you will have additional stress, when you speak.  When both halves of your brain are connected and balanced, it is impossible to be in a stressed state. When your brain is working harmoniously as a whole, you will be relaxed and your mind is clear.  Additionally, you will be repairing, revitalizing and synchronizing your body and mind.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Clear Thoughts Unite With Automatic Speech

Having your whole brain balanced and the hemispheres working together, gives you optimal circulation of nerve impulses, blood supply and nutrients to your brain.

You are open and clear to connect with your thoughts, ideas, knowledge and points of view.  With this focus, you’ll engage with your thoughts the same way that fluent people think and speak. From here, your brain processes your thoughts for their automatic expression.

Confidence and Courage

What does confidence and courage mean to you?  Does confidence mean that you know what you want and will go out and get it?  Does courage drive you to take the chances that will move your forward in life … not giving up?

With the resources from both your right and left brains merging and working together, you’ll attach to your confidence and courage that is inside of you. You know that it’s already there, just waiting to be exposed.

Revealing Your Intelligence

Have you ever met someone and had a great conversation with them?  A longer conversation that was intriguing and lead to fascinating topics?

When your thoughts comfortably, smoothly and automatically become speech, you reveal your intelligence.

You let your listener inside your mind with

  • its keen knowledge of vocabulary;
  • its ability to see other perspectives leading to new ideas;
  • its insights drawn from your personal experiences;
  • its ability to think quickly, seizing new opportunities.  

You are the person that others will love how you think!

Being Seen and Heard

For WWS, imagine what it would be like to say what you are thinking; expressing your thoughts in conversations, discussions, meetings, whenever you have the chance?

The process from thought to speech is natural and effortless.

Expressing your thoughts, without holding back, will leave you feeling seen and heard, each and every time you speak.

Frustration decreases while self-worth and confidence increase.

You’ll be seen and heard.

Being In The Zone

Athletes talk about being in the zone…

Being in the moment, oblivious to everything around, keeping the rhythm, being locked into concentration.

As a Woman Who Stutters and knowing how to activate your whole brain, you’ll uncover your natural speech system, for fluency.

You’ll be in the zone.

Taking Action:

To experience what using your connected whole brain is like, this relaxation exercise will guide you there … no conscious effort required.

  1. Place your hand across the top of your head.  Hold it there. Simply by placing your hand there, you are creating a connection with your whole brain.  Feel it.
  2. Now, place your hand on the crown –  on the top of your head but a bit farther back. You are connecting to a different part of your brain –pause and tune into anxiety dissipating.
  3. Now place one hand on each side of your head, just above your ears.  Hold this, feeling tension and stress slip away.

This one practice of connecting both hemispheres of your brain will give you stress relief  — without the conscious effort or even forcing yourself to relax.

Take a moment and be present as both halves of your brain create the space for incredible and unlimited possibilities.

Linda Hurkot

Linda Hurkot

MLSP, R.SLP, S-LP(C), Wealthy Woman Warrior™ Communication Ambassador

A Registered Speech Language Pathologist for 30 years who understands that many of the old techniques used in this field simply aren’t working for most people who stutter. With her revolutionary new programs to help PWS speak easily, she’s making a tremendous impact in the world by finally addressing what all stutters do have control over...and it’s working!

As a Woman Who Stutters Isn't It Time You Learn To Boost Your Self-confidence

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